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Hi all!
I have never had a cat......however I have been looking for a long time. I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Persian and the Himalayan? I have been told they were the same........it's the color that puts them in one breed or another, and I have been told that they are 2 different breeds all together. Also do they have personality differences? What breed would be the best for a pet? Any information would be helpful, as I want to know everything I can before I get a kitten. I am trying to educate myself so I can be the best mommie possible! Thank you............suzz57
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Dear Suzz, Himalayans are actually colorpoint Persians; some cat associations classify them as a different breed, some don't. Like Orientals are Siamese in solid colors, only the other way round.
Himalayans were produced in the 30's adding Siamese blood to Persians. A lot of time is passed by, so I don't think they are more active than other Persians.
Persians are a great breed, provided you have the time to groom them properly. Otherwise you might buy an Exotic - I have one and she is lovely, her coat is wonderful, short but even softer than a Persian's, and she's more active and lively.

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Hi Suzz57 and Welcome to you!! We are glad to have you here!!!
I moved your thread to the breeders corner because I thought you might get more responses to your question here.
I hope you post often, and tell us more about yourself!
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You will find more info on our links pages:

For Persians:

For Himmies:

Best of luck whichever you go for - they're both lovely (though I personally prefer the mixed breeds )
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