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I Need Help!

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Hello everyone, I was hoping one of you might be able to share some wisdon with me regarding an ongoing issue my cat is having. Diane is a 4 year old calico, and has been having swollen, runny eyes with a gooey discharge, a black yucky buildup in her ears, and her anus is swollen and bleeding abit (I think because she's been chewing at it). She's also been scrtaching a lot at her eyes and ears. We have tried different kinds of cat food and litter, antibiotics that the vet gave us, and steroids. Only the steroids seem to have had any effect at all and that was limited. I have an appt. with a cat dermatologist next month, but I was hoping someone could reassure me that this is something that should be handleable...my cat is still playful at times but it obviously uncomfortable and I feel so bad for her! Thanks in advance for any help someone can give!
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I believe at this point since you have had vets looking at your cat, that I would go to Grapefruit Seed Extract (available at health food stores) and give that a try. 5 drops in the water bowl, 3 drops in every canned food feeding and see if you see any relief for her. I swear by the stuff, and my vet is perplexed that it works as it does, it rids the body of harmful bacteria. I would also let your vet know you are trying this on your cat. And I wouldn't stop any vet intervention and depend on the GSE to do the trick. I believe it will help the eyes clear up, the other stuff I am not sure of. Just be sure it is grapefruit (not grapeseed) and get the liquid. It is very bitter
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I would try to keep the eyes and ears clean. For the eyes-use a warm washcloth to gently wipe away any stuff. If its hard you might need to gently use your fingernail. This might have to be repeated a few times a day. For the ears, try a slightly moist papertowel or cloth to clean what you can see without going to deep. The vet should be able to give you some cleaning drops. I have a kitten whose ears were really dirty and I cleaned then with the drops and wiped them every couple of days. If you are persistant within a couple of weeks you should notice a change. It could be ear mites-does she go outside. They can be cleared up as I've had a couple of cats with BAD dirty ears but they cleared up nicely. Can't help on the rear however.
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