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Cats and moles.

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I went away for three months and left my baby with a sitter.

When I got back I noticed he had a few moles in his mouth. I coudln't remember if they were there before. They aren't swollen or red. Just normal looking moles.

Not sure what to think of it really.
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Not really sure, but I think if they look 'normal' then it would be about the same as for people. If they are not discolored or inflamed and still round then I wouldn't worry much. If they change in size, color or shape, then you might start to give it a second thought. Just my two cents.
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What sort of cat is he?.

Rosie has them on her lip and i think she has a small patch in her mouth?!.

She's had them since she was a kitten and i asked my vet if they were ok and she assured me they were, but also said that a lot of "Torties" get them and thats what Rosie is.

But if your worried i'd mention it to the vet like i did.
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He is an orange tabby.
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I've made an appointment with the vet for some other reasons today, so I will ask.
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It could be with his colour because Rosie has orange in her?!.

I would keep an eye on it, but i'm a worry wort with my two so i know i would be having them to the vets

Ooops you posted before me!
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all these problems grem has make me so sad.
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Candace, I'm sorry you're feeling sad. You're doing the best thing for him and that's taking him to the vet. Hopefully his medical problems can be cleared up one by one and then you'll both be feeling a bit more happy.
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Awww Candace don't feel sad! You know were all here if you want to talk about Grem

If it's just the moles it's probably nothing just like Rosies?!
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