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Begging for custard

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Here's Daisy, reaching out with her claws, paws and whiskers, begging for custard. Milly also wants the custard but it's beneath her dignity to beg like this!!

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Awwwwww doesn't that look sweet!

Sophies a "beggar" when i take their wet food over
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Cute! It looks like she's saying, "I want BOTH bowls....give them to me!"
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Lovely pics theyร‚ยดre belong at the "Beg Faces" ..
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aww how cutie is that
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omg.. thats so cute.. my cat Leo does that too sometimes!
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lol my cat does that tooo!!
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i can't see any pix!
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That's a really cute picture!!!
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I hope you gave some to Daisy!! She wanted it BADLY!!
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How sweet is that.. cute little beggar.
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What a cute little beggar you have.
great pics!
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I love how you got that begging just as they were reaching out.
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That's such a great picture!
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Too funny! Gimme, gimme, gimme!
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