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Any electrical experience here?

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I went to make my breakfast after done my walk and I noticed that one of the oven elements was hot, like it had been turned off recently. I paged Jake and he had nothing to do with the oven this morning.

Is this an electrical problem?? Its cooled down now, back to normal.

Or am I just haunted?
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That happened to me once and basically the heating element went bad. You probably need to replace it. Most just snap out (some need to be unscrewed) and the new one pops in. If you attempt this yourself, unplug the stove first.

That's NOT a good way to start the day!! Poor Kellye!!
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Thats all it takes? Thats not too bad, I will get a new element, and just not use that one - thanks for that! I just wanted to make sure that the oven won't explode
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Yep the same happened on our old oven, so we just got new ones all around. Don't know if it fixed it, but I haven't seen it again.
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No Way Kellye!, I don´t like the "Shock" with electricity...
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welll i havent had a problem with an oven before... but!

Back when we lived in australia my mum and dad were cooking. My dad was on the stove cooking meat and the toaster was still plugged in for some reason.
Anyway all of a sudden i smelled smoke and my mother was screaming..
The toaster went on fire! SHe quickly damped a cloth and threw it over the stove
we were so lucky nothing was burnt in the kitchen or that the house burnt down!!
BUt anyway we had that toaster for about 10 years.
Now my parents always unplug everything except for the kettle and replace the toaster every 5 years
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