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My kitty is a wierdo

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My darling Char loves to drink water out of our cups. Won't drink it out of his kitty bowl which is clean. I give him filtered water every morning and he will ignore it all day. As soon as I have a cup of water to drink, he comes up and wants it. I am worried he will get dehydrated. I have started to leave cups of water laying around for him to drink so he doesn't get that way. Why does he do this? I can take the water from the bowl and pour it in a cup and he will drink it then. It's just wierd. lol
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Sounds fairly normal kitty behaviour! I can never understand why they ignore their freshly changed water and drink from dirty puddles, the fishpond, or try and catch drips from the taps. My cats will drink from any water source they come across - the last resort being their own water bowl.
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My two get fresh water in their bowl twice a day. They will drink from it but they love the tap turned on for them as well!
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My Joji prefers cups too, although she will drink from her bowl. Maybe it's the height of the container?
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That is wierd. My cats drink out of their own water dish. They do like to lick the sweat from a glass occasionally. However, my cats are weirdos, too. My female cat, Calamity Jane, goes into a psycho mode, where she pins her ears back, and goes NUTS!
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my candie like to stick her paw in my cup and drink it she knocks over all of our cups when we leave them for a second
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LOL Saki prefers cups too! Absolutely will not drink out of his water bowls. So he has his own special glass and he drinks like crazy out of it every day!

I say let them drink out of whatever they want.. since its so important that they have water!
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Oh we do. He has cups all over the house. I just thought it was odd when the water in his bowl is fresh and replaced all the time. lol
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I think it's pretty common. I know that Willow only drinks out of her cup unless she's really desperate. Spot has taken to doing the same thing, though he will drink out of the kitty fountain if he is downstairs. The funny thing is that it seems most of the water falls on my dresser (where the cup is) instead of ending up in their mouths. What a mess!
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Eby hated her water bowl and would barely every use it. About the only time she would sit and drink water is when my mom made coffee in the morning. We learned fast that we had to scrub the carafe really clean after it was used because Eby loved to drink water from it. I have some really good pictures of her having her whole head in the carafe and drinking.

When our next-door neighbor's daughter was still living there with her cat, he would only drink from cups. She would leave a glass of ice water next to her bed twice a day for him, because it was the only place he'd drink from.
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One of the cats at my school (yep, our school has cats) will only drink water out of cups. The headmaster and I (the two main cat lovers at the school) are constantly going to the water cooler to refill cups for him!
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My Seamus loves cups also. And I've caught him drinking out of the toilet bowl. But it isn't just water he goes after though. If you leave a coffee mug unattended, he'll start playing in it and splashing it everywhere, but I don't think he drinks the coffee. He will drink orange juice. And he loves the shower and bathtub. He'll sit inside the liner and watch you shower, then lick your legs and the walls. When you take a bath, he'll walk around the tub, trying to find a place to stick his head in and take a drink. He actually climbed onto my shoulders for a better angle once.
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My cats have a fountain type water dish that they really like. They drink a lot more water since I bought it and they no longer beg for water from the faucet.
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