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Yes, the Multnomah County Library has Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari — under its English name of "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari." You'd probably have to place a hold on it, but that way you'd be sure of getting it.

There aren't any subtitles, as it's a silent film (with musical accompaniment); but the title cards are translated for your viewing pleasure!


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Illusion, I started watching "End of days" a little while ago, but I had to turn it off cos it really gave me the eeeby geeebies!! eeee.....the whole crucifix thing etc....nope nope nope!!! ha ha ha....mind you I was in bed in the dark at around midnight when I was watching it, maybe I could handle it in the day!! ha ha ha...
I also found out last night that "The Hole" is being released on DVD and video on the 29th of October!! - yipee only a week or so to wait!! yay! Oh dear, we got a shocking film out last night....not a scary one (it was my hubbys choice..heh heh) it was "the tailor of Panama" what a load of crap!!! we turned it off after about 20 minutes!! :laughing:
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Cleo: is Legend of Hell House the original version of the 1999 film "The Haunting of Hell House?" I have to go look it up now!

All those horror anthologies are great and cheesy! Try Phantasm, Hellraiser, Halloween, Child's Play, Puppet Master, etc, etc.

Bodlover, maybe you can help me out. I have been rying to remember the name of a film I watched as a child. It was a UK film I think. It was about a girl who was adopted by this family, and she wanted to be the only child so she killed off the couple's other kids (made it look acidental), then kissed the father while she had mumps to make him infertile. The one thing I remember is the song "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean" Anyway it's driving me mad not knowing the title! It would have been a 70's or 80's flick.
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Kittyfoot and Mr. Cat: I think the Sept 11 tragedy will one day have a psuedo love story theme a la Titanic or Pearl Harbor I think it will be a very long time before Hollywood dares capitalize on the tragedy, though.

Mr. Cat, will check the local library system for your movie.
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Hiya Illusion, the film you described does sound familier, but I have no idea what it is!! DOH!! I will have think....

PS, have you seen "the hand that rocks the Cradle"? its got Rebecca deMournay (sp?!) in it, its quite old but its ever so good, not really a horror, but freaky all the same....
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Has anybody seen Scream? Or I Still Know What You Did Last Summer?
Sometimes I do get brave enough to see scary movies, but like I said, I scare easily. After seeing them, I sleep with the lights on and the radio so no one will scare me.
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Nena!! Yup I've seen all three Scream films, the first two were BRILLIANT, but the third was a bit of a let down for me, - they made it far too cheesy...oh well....I still want the trilogy!! I've also seen both the "I know what you did last summer" films, I liked both of them but have to say preferred Scream!! I also loved Urban Legends but the sequal to that was pretty crappy too.... Im going to see Jeepers Creepers sometime this weekend so I'll let ya know what I think!
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The worst thing I hate is when I am watching a freaky movie, and someone decides to scare the living daylights out of me. Just a warning, if I end up watching a scary movie with one of you, DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT ON STARTLING ME OR I WILL BE MAD!!!!!
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I can't wait to see Jeepers Creepers! I'm also waiting impatiently for the movie "House of 1000 corpses" to come out (directed by Rob Zombie) and the one being advertised "Thirteen Ghosts" looks good too, I think it is made by the makers of House on Haunted Hill. Oooo I just love creepy movies. Anyone see Dracula 2000? The soundtrack for that movie is awesome
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mmmm. lets see now . two come to mind, "The gift"(didn't think any movie existed that could make me jump but this one did it.
The other."What lies beneath"
Yep they are pretty freaky as well as being full of suspension.
Have fun

:bat Tish :bat
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How could I forget What Lies Beneath. That movie was great!

Nena, I don't scare easily. I usually watch scary movies for a laugh Scream was one of the funnier ones. It was good though!

Bodlover, too bad! I have been looking for that movie forever! I wish I could remember the name! Thanks, though.

I'm warning you all, I think you'll be disappointed with Jeepers Creepers. The scariest parts are at the beginning of the movie. It's all downhill from there. The ending was the worst.
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Maybe I missed this in a previous post, I usually visit here at about 3:30 in the morning after work :laughing2: but I'm not familiar with The Gift.
Whose in it, when was it made, and briefly, whats it about?
I love scary movies, but I don't recall this one, if it's one that will make me jump, I gotta see it!

btw...I LOVE this thread, it has reminded me of all the flicks I want to see, or see again!
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Originally posted by Cleo

Whose in it, when was it made, and briefly, whats it about?
Ok here we go. Are you ready?
The gift. created and brought out this year.
the writer is Billy Bob Thornton
Actors:Keanu Reeves,
Hillary Swank,
Giovanni Ribisi,
Kate Blanchett ,
Brief synopsis:
The film is based in a small southern town , where every one knows everyone.
Kate Blanchett plays the fortune teller that reads cards for a select few clients.
to help raise her 3 little boys , as she had lost her husband in a mining accident the year before.
anyway, when one of her clients goes missing ,the mystery starts and her visions are really freaky.
add to that that the poor woman is being threatened and harassed by a woman beater(Keanu Reeves)
who is convinced that she is trying to split him and his wife up. and things really get interesting.
this film takes you through so many twists and turns its not funny it also keeps you guessing up to the end.
I loved it it , I give it out of 5
try this link if you want to know more about it.

The Gift

Have fun , I hope you enjoy it.
let me know how you liked it.

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I didn't care for the gift. I figured it out about 20 minutes before the end. I think it's all about expectations. I had really high ones for it, and I was disapointed. Maybe if I hadn't been so excited about it I would have enjoyed it more.

just my .02 cents
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Airprincess: Try having just about every movie you rent figured out 20 minuted INTO the movie. I'm used to it.
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I really, really try not to think about 'who done it' or what the twist is, while the movie is going on. My boyfriend also figures out every movie & he's a pain in the butt because of it. Afterwards it's always 'I knew that was coming' or 'man, that was lame, I figured that out in 10 minutes' if it's a movie that I really enjoyed it irritates me to hear him pull it apart. I just pat him on the head, tell him he's brilliant and no way can Hollywood get one past him.

So I try to just go with the movie, try not to concentrate on solving it, just enjoy it. Get caught up in it without analyzing. It's no fun to watch a predictable movie, and while I can't do anything about the sceenwriters, I can at least conrol the way I watch the movie. (I watch what is going on, try not to let my mind race ahead, wonder what it all means. I just let it unfold and don't get ahead of the movie, trying to solve it. I'm sure this isn't for everyone) Since I've started doing that, I can say that I get more enjoyment out of watching movies.

that being said, if I figure it out, while desperately trying NOT to, then it's a bad thing. But IMO that wasn't the only thing that made the gift bad. I loved the premise of it and thought they did a lousy job seeing it through.
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Thank you Lady Hawk for the review of The Gift, and you too Colby!
I will have to rent it just because Billy Bob was involved (he and my son had an "encounter") and the cast and storyline look good.
I hate an obvious movie, but if I figure it out early in the film, I tend to try to analyze what I may have done differently, and that can be fun too!?

Either way, it sounds like its worth watching.
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Hey Cleo, I think it was you who mentioned that film called "In Dreams" earlier? - Well I saw it at the weekend and I thought it was really freaky!!! I thought the acting was a bit cheesy, but I just couldn't stop watching....I still haven't seen Jeepers Creepers, but hopefully tonight I will!!! Im trying not to have too big expectations of it cos I don't wanna be disappointed...
I LOVED What Lies Beneath too!!! It always makes me jump no matter how many times I see it!! I'll let ya know what I think of Jeepers Creepers....
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Do any of you guys seen or know if the movie Man's Best Friend is out? A movie about a rottie I think is used as a lab experiment and turns out bad. I can't find it in the video stores. I haven't rented the movie The Good Son, with Malkali Culkin, is it any good?
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Hmmm Nena I haven't seen either of those films so I don't know what they're like!! Let me know if you see them and if they are any good!!
Ok, Illusion, you were SOOOOO right about Jeepers Creepers!!! I went to see it last night - what a load of complete TOSH!!Ugh it was awful!!! It was being advertised as the scariest film in ten years!!! yeah right!! As you said though, the beginning was pretty good, I thought it was gonna be ok, but then.....then...you saw the killer.....what a let down!!! Totally unbelievable and sooooo NOT scary!!! oh well.... guess I just had to see it for myself eh? The Others was advertised and so was Joy Ride - they both look pretty good so I'm gonna check them out when they are released over here!
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However, I do kinda like the true crime type thrillers. The Silence of the Lambs, Bone Collector, Seven, Hannibal -type movies (serial killers, etc.)

Clint Eastwood has a thriller coming out called "Blood (something)" -- directed by him and starring him and based on a novel of the same name. Whether I like scary or not -- Clint rocks! I'll be watching for that one.
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Not normally a creepy film fan. I did however enjoy "unbreakable" with Bruce Willis - same director as "the sixth sense". "The Hollow Man" with Kevin Bacon freaked me out.
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LadyHawk, I too loved the Gift, even though I also had it figured out quite awhile before the end. But it was worth it anyway!!!!!!!!
Bodlover....I loved The Others, I hope you get a chance to see it. My husband didn't like it though, he said it wasn't very scary, but I thought it was great!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Amaretto
However, I do kinda like the true crime type thrillers. The Silence of the Lambs, Bone Collector, Seven, Hannibal -type movies (serial killers, etc.)

If that is the type of movies you are into you have to see, Along came a spider .. it is really cool , did you ever see the movie Kiss the girls.? Well if you did Mr. Freeman is back in this one and that is all I am telling.
Its worth watching.
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Originally posted by Debby
LadyHawk, I too loved the Gift, even though I also had it figured out quite awhile before the end. But it was worth it anyway!!!!!!!!
I just have to know.
The very end bit of the movie did you know he was a ghost?
I had the murder thing worked out but the other sent me for a loop.
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Oh, Okay.....You threw me for a loop there for a second, I was going...What ghost?? But now I know what you mean.....the killer wasn't a ghost, but the guy who saved her was, but he wasn't a ghost until the very end of the movie, he had been alive up until just a few hours before he saved her. No, I didn't realize that until they told us he had killed himself.
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Okay, okay, now since I'm definitely not doing the costume thing on Halloween, I'm going to catch up on some of these scary flicks and have a ghoulish evening at home! Maybe have a little get together with friends and we can do our own Halloween flick fest.


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Sounds cool Cat, can I come? I'll bring the popcorn!!!!:laughing:
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Rhea, I think we'd wind up having a laughing fest :laughing2 considering the email we send back and forth! hahaha :laughing::LOL::laughing2....two silly girls! May as well have a slumber party like 10 year olds! haha

OOOO....I know, we could do the "Bloody Mary" thing! Do you guys ever do that in England! We scared ourselves half to death doing scary things! hahahah...we were so silly!
Read and beware! haha Boo!! Bloody Mary!!!!
Love ya,
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Ha ha ha Cat, yep we do that here too.....well, if we feel brave enough!! I watched Hannibal last night, and to be honest, I don't really know whether I liked it or not!! I thought it was a bit slow at first....it was kinda creepy but not really scary...and the bit at the end where he takes the top of that guys head off exposing the brain!! - What the?!?!! - I was laughing my butt off!! REALLY REALISTIC.......(sorry Im such a sarcy cow sometimes!! ha ha ha ha) So, no nightmares for me from that one!! .....still it was worth watching just for the sweets I got through!! (ooops...there goes my diet!! doh!)
The Hole is out now so Im going to rent it out soon... hope its good! I also can't wait to see Joy Ride, The Others and (I know its not really scary...but) the Harry Potter movie!! Yey!!
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