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Schools in Las Vegas??

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If you have caught any of my recent posts lately, you might know that I am considering a move to Las Vegas to be with the father of my oldest son. I have never lived out of Oregon State, so I have alot of questions and concerns. Having just been in Las Vegas, I already know that it is quite different from Oregon. It's very dry and flat.. hardly any trees or green.

The thing I want to know about is the schools there, and the basic living style of the folks down there. What are the neighborhoods like? Where are the bad areas?

Daren lives in North Las Vegas, and I already have found which school my boys will go to. So.. has anyone ever lived in Las Vegas on here, and could you tell me a bit more??

I would love anyone's input here. All is welcome!!
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While I know nothing about Las Vegas, I do wish you good luck
I hope someone comes along to help you out more
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I've never been to Oregon, but I think that if you live rurally now, you will find some great opportunities in Nevada. I haven't lived in L.V. for 30 years, but I visit about once a year. North Las Vegas is the new area and that is where I shop; from talking to the locals, the water situation has cramped down on the developing, so the transient construction jobs are dissipating. I think that leaves a more stable influence in the community. Downtown can be fun to visit, but be careful (as the Vegas commercial brags, "what goes on here, stays here" )! The desert is deceptive - actually there is a lot of geology in the Great Basin - there are lots of mountains and hills. The Vegas area will offer your boys and you a chance for outstanding rock climbing, rock hounding, off-road motorsports as well as watersports at nearby Lake Mead. I would recommend visiting several websites: the BLM page; www.desertusa.com; nws.noaa (the National Weather Service - the area gets severe weather, mostly flash floods). UNLV offers public events, so you'll stay culturally in touch. I've been told that the LV Humane Society is a good outfit. Good luck on your move! If I can help get you any info., or whatever, just send me a private message. Susan
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