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Where are you from?

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Where is everyone from? I'm in the USA (Maryland)
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I think there's a thread somewhere about this, but I am a California girl living(trapped) in Connecticut
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I'm from the UK!!! yipee......(sarcasm there...:laughing: eh, its not that bad really, but Id rather have the weather from California or somewhere!! hee hee)
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I'm from Bulgaria
It's beautiful country and I wish you could come see it one day!
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Well... I'm in Finland, and since we're not 'continental' Europe, I chose "other". Scandinavia at least should be among the choices, if you pick out continental Europe from the rest. Ours is a beautiful country as well, come and visit when you come to Europe.
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I'm in Arizona! Would like to move out of this heat sometime, though!
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Arlington Texas here. Not the most scenic place to live, but a nice conservative suburb to raise the kiddos.
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New Brunswick, Canada Anyone else from here
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Bubba's Mom...yup,another Herring choker here...down by St John.
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I'm from the USA, and very unfortunately, also from Minnesota. It actually hasn't been very cold here yet, the daytime temperatures have been in the 50's and 60's. But it would be nice to live someplace that has much shorter winters.
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Newcastle , N.S.W. Australia

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I am British but I have been living in the Middle East for the last 20 years with my parents. I am currently living in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates
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I'm living in Denver...
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Middle of nowhere in far western Kentucky. Yee Haw!
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oops! Eeva - I'm sorry! I was trying to figure out if I forgot any place (and I knew I would) and I couldn't think of anywhere - but you got me - sorry!
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I live in NYC, which unfortunately, I wish I did not right now.
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Originally posted by Vjoy
I live in NYC, which unfortunately, I wish I did not right now.
Tish give Val tight hug:flower:

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Kittyfoot: I'm in Fredericton, moved here for school from Nova Scotia and decided to stay
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I voted Asia, though Israel is in the middle of the middle east and connects to Africa and Europe as well.

I can tell you that we have members and visitors from all over the place. Here's a list of the countries we've had visitors from in the past month: USA, Australia, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom, Netherlands, New Zealand, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France,Germany, Russian Federation, Indonesia, Italy, Brazil, Denmark, Austria, South Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, Argentina, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Philippines, Romania, Brunei Darussalam, Columbia, Cyprus, Hungary, Jordan, Macedonia, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Armenia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Gibraltar, Honduras, Iceland, India, Jamaica, Korea, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Vanuatu.
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