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Cats playing with various toys pics!!

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I would LOVE to see pics of cats playing with various toys and what they do! To start this off, I am posting some of 1 of my boys-Buddy. He is OBSESSED with strings and CONSTANTLY wants me to swing a string around for him. If I don't, he will bring it over and drape it on me (very SUBTLE HINT HUH? ) for me to start moving it again!

First one with Buddy bring the string over and making it OBVIOUS he wanted me to play with it.

I was teasing him by draping the string on the back of his head...

Buddy trying to get to the string!

Buddy looking at me like "Is that all you have!?"

Looking away from me in disgust when he realized I wasn't waving the string any more.

Now, your turn!! Bring them on!
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I love the first pic....he's gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by babygirl
I love the first pic....he's gorgeous!
THANKS for the compliment! I agree- he's gorgeous. He is toooooo skinny though! I am continously trying to get him to fatten up a bit...
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i agree, he is gorgeous!!!
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I found 2 more pics that I wanted to add..

For some reason, some of my cats LOVES that natural weave thing that you put on cupboard shelves to protect your dishes/cups. They would go crazy over it and rabbit kick the heck out of it! Here's a pic of Pepper- she was attacking it like it was catnip and doing rabbit kicking! That's Spike in the left corner approaching her..

I guess she was making it too noisy and fun cuz Spike decided to bully her away so he could steal it for himself! Here's a pic of him laying on it!
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Cute pics!!!

Here's a couple pics of the kittens when I had them last summer, they loved playing with a peacock feather:

It's not a toy but here's Spyder attacking a pillow

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Yay nice pics you guys, Safari you are so beautiful!
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Miko loves only two things. His boogie mat, and his feather bungee. Such a picky cat.

He thinks there's an "invisible mouse" under the boogie mat...

His infamous feather bungee...

Taking a nap after playing with his bungee...

Kionu usually plays with his mylar balls...for HOURS.

Pounce or sneak attack?

Looks like it's pounce time!

Playing Hide-N-Seek

His wrestling buddy Fleecy (stuffed elephant). He always drags Fleecy from the cat tree to the kitchen and wrestles there.

Sebastian is extremely picky about his toys. He only plays with his feather bungee. He's was a little protective of bungee, so I had to get him his own. Oy.

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Cool thread idea!
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These are already in their thread but heres Rosie


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These pics are awesome!! Keep them coming!
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Here's some of Zoey and Saki

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Here is Gizmo playing with one of many furry mouses(in which get lost under the couch)


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These cats are CUTE with their toys!! Keep them coming!!!!!!!!!
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I like the pics of Gizmo, looks like he thinks he has a real mouse! LOL!!
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Here is Izzie playing with Mr. Pinky. She already tore off 2 legs and 1 arm from the other hanging toy!! There are 2 hanging toys in the picture. One is pink and the other has a brown head.

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Waffle does this weird jump up in the air and twist thing when she's playing with her little toy mice. Here's her in the middle of her usual:

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Love the new pics, you guys have beautiful kitties.
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Here is Chloe playing with 2 of her favorite toys, (1) her fur mouse and (2) her tassles while hanging off the edge of her cat tree. And let me tell you, getting that picture was tough! I had to lay on the floor and shoot upward!

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Sierra playing with her catnip angel we got from our Secret Santa!

Here she is playing in her favorite box with her wand toy from Susie!

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Awwww Stephanie Sierra looks so cute with them!

Heres a couple more of Rosie and Sophie

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AWww they're all so CUUUUTEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! *explodes*
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Pixel, playing with a catnip toy

Mouse, a different catnip toy... from about a year ago

Cable's still a baby, plays all the time!
playing with the cat dancer - moving so fast she's just a blur!

showing off her agility!

with the new cat tree
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Aw Rosie & Sophie
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aww look at them all!! I love Zoey and all her toes, and Sierra looking so sweet!! (My three don't look nearly so adorable cuddling a catnip toy.. partially due to Ghibli drooling on it!!) And Sophie with that pink fluffy!! it's as big as she is!!! Awwwwwwwww *poof*
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Conner's fave toy is a milk carton ring.......it's name is Fred.
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