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Gibby's snip is tomorrow

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So, I'm nervous. They're treating him as a heart patient, but still I'm nervous. What would I do if something awful happened to my little guy.. i couldn't forgive myself. I feel bad also that I'm not spending time with him all day. I feel bad that he's at the vet all day tomorrow, he's afraid of some of the cat sthere (they have 2 main coons.. one stood on his carrier.. it really freaked him out. ) I'm really worried...
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It's normal to be nervous, we all worry when our furkids have to have something like that done. I'm sure he'll be fine - the anaesthetic they use to do a neuter is very light and the procedure itself is very quick, all of about 10 minutes.
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He's prone to panting and over exherts himself easily, so it's very concerning in this case. I wasn't this nervous when Molly was getting fixed, because her health was unquestionable.. Gibby's is a little more concerning.. here's to hoping.
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Of course you're nervous, Denise, you love your baby so much. We all feel nervous when our babies are having a procedure at their Vets, especially when we have to leave them for a period of time. I certainly am a wreck when Sierra has to stay for a procedure, however "routine" it may be. Ghibli is receiving the very best of care, and he will be carefully monitored throughout his visit. I know he will do just wonderfully! You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'll keep you n your baby in my thoughts. Shade's is today Hope everything goes great tomorrow!
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Gibby will be in my thoughts tomorrow. Lots of calming vibes to you too!
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You and Gibby will be in my thoughts tomorrow.
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How is he doing? I've got double nerves because both my babies are going in for theirs' tomorrow too (Friday).
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Awww Denise try not to worry, you too Jan!

I know all things go round your head at a time like this it did when i had to take Rosie and Sophie in to be done and they were fine after a day or two
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I dropped him off an hour and a half ago... I have a 2 hr delay to go to work, so I don't have to go in for another hour.
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Keep yourself occupied Denise to take your mind off it, thats what i had to do.

I didn't have my computer at home when i had Rosie or Sophie done and i wished i had
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I hope he is OK. My old cat had a heart problem, and I can remember taking her in for a dental (where she had to have anaesthetic) and making a big deal out of her heart murmur. They showed me their notes for the day and in huge letters across Winnie's file was written 'HEART MURMUR'. They took the greatest care of her and she came back to me safely. I'm sure your vet is no less concerned about his or her patients, and will be looking after your boy as well as you would. Best of luck, hope he's back with you soon.

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Everything went well, but while I was there, I had a panel run on him and he was chipped as well He was Lasered and was med's with Valium and then Gas-IV with subcu fluids... the works.. And WHAT a price tag, geez!!
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Glad everything went well! Sorry about the price being so much, hopefully he'll be healthy for many years to come so that will be the last big expense on the little guy!
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I bet he's happy to be back home. I'm glad everything went well.
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O.o...Paige just Chased Gibby around and mipped him in the petards ....
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Yippee, Ghibli!You're such a brave little boy, you're Mom's taking such great care of you!
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