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Encouraging news (I think). Continuing prayers and strength vibes for the Miller cats and humans.
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Oh bless him!

It's good that he's taking the medicine though and that the swelling on his eye has gone down a bit!.

I hope warmer weather is on it's way for the poor things
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Oh...MA--I think you are wonderful for spending all that time and effort on a poor little kitty such as this guy! You will have a special place in heaven one day, for all the caring and kindness you give to others, not the least of which are little feral kitties...
I am so glad that he is at least TAKING that medicine, and I'd KEEP wearing long sleeve shirts when it is time to medicate him!
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Sending lots of healing vibes to your poor sick feral. Sending prayers to you and Mike too.
Originally posted by Hissy
His photo can be found in a banner on save samoa- this link here
Is he the one with the German Shepard?
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How smart of him to make his way back to you, poor guy! Do you know what animal it was he tangled with - another cat, or something else?

You said he is on a big dog bed on the back porch - I don't know if it is within your means or even if it is desired, but I noticed today at Petsmart they have heated pads to help keep outside animals warm. They are around $50-60 and have a washable cover. Since he is healing, he may appreciate the extra warmth - but then again, he may not:-).

Anyway, best wishes to your brave smart feral for a full recovery - and it says a lot about you that he trusts you so much.

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All who help these kitties are kings and angels!
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He trusts lucky he is to have you to care for him. Hoping this was the last abcess, and that healing continues.
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Good to hear he is taking his meds well.
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These are the two banners on SaveSamoa that feature Cleo.

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he is such a beauty!!!
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Awww. I'll be honest, i'm a novice when it comes to ferels. I've only ever seen a ferel cat in this country on the odd animal rescue shows and from what i gather their mainly on farms over here?!.

Cleo in those pictures looks just like any normal cat, to me anyway?!, but it's obviously due to the care and feeding that people like MA give
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Susan, ferals and strays are literally everywhere. Shopping centres, fast food places, farms, garden centres, apartment buildings, back gardens, schools, universities - almost always outside. They are very good at keeping away and often only come out at night because of all the hustle and bustle that goes on during the day. You have most likely visited these places without even knowing ferals live there. Sometimes they are left to exist on their own, scrounging for food and breeding freely and sometimes there are managed colonies where the cats are fed, given medical treatment, vaccinations and TNR'd (Trapped, Neutered/Spayed and Returned).

Most strays and ferals look thin if they're not in a managed colony but really, apart from that, look pretty normal unless they are sick or injured. MA's (hissy's) ferals are all part of a managed colony. If they are very feral and not able to be rehabilitated or rehomed, they become part of MA's colony, where they are wonderfully cared for. These cats never come inside the house and are only trapped (often with difficulty) when they need medical treatment. There is another level of ferals where the cats are still part of the colony but are OK to be petted and touched by MA (usually after a long and involved process of the cat learning to get to know and trust MA), but still live outside. Cleo is one of these. MA also has cats that are former ferals. They are inside/outside 'house' cats. Sometimes they have behavioural problems which other people are not willing to deal with, so they become part of MA's family.

MA, please correct me here if I haven't explained something properly.
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Thanks for explaining that Tania

I know when i was in Greece there were ferels there which i used to feed twice a day by leaving the food under a bush for them, but obviously they would run off if ever i went towards them

I really havent seen any where i live apart from the cats who live in the street, but i'll be looking out for them now!.
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Nope you pretty much nailed it Tania. Pretty darn good description too! I am always amazed when some people insist there are no strays or ferals in their area, because they are everywhere. Under porches, under houses, in the woods, in the parks, behind restaurants and fast food places. At a popular restaurant here in town, there is an old tom that can't be trapped. The owner of the place finally put bedding out behind the dumpsters and started feeding this old guy. I have seen the cat many times, a siamese mix and I am able to just barely touch him on the top of his head (because I bring him food) but that's the closest he lets me get. Every time this owner puts out a nice bed for this cat he will curl up in it and sleep at night- but someone keeps stealing his bedding! He hides in the woods behind the bowling alley when people come up so while he is hiding, some low life is taking his nice warm bed!
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Grrrrrr! Can they put a chain through the corner of the bedding and attach the chain to something?
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MA, I know I'm sleep deprived and emotionally on edge because of what's going on in my life now, and I know Cleo's not "out of the woods" yet, so to speak, but I am crying tears of joy. First, that he has you and knows it and has the good sense to come when he needs care. Second, that he is taking his medication. I hope that was the last abscess, and I'm sending up prayers that he stays as long as he needs to to properly rest and heal up before taking off again.

I continue to send prayers to Mike and you.

Thank God for the Mary Annes of the world (though there truly is just ONE of you!) - and damn the bed-stealers. How insanely petty and awful. Truly sick.
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