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I'm still shaking...

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This morning one of my beloved ferals that has never been inside a day in his life, and who after he was neutered i was threatened with dismemberment if I ever brought him back, got in a huge fight in the last couple of days. When he finally limped home, he was in bad shape. There is no way I can take this guy to the vets, so the vet came here. The good news is he needed no stitches, not the vet, or the cat. The bad news is he is fighting a massive infectin involving his head, neck and chest. He is on antirobe aquadrops, he had an injection and he is sleeping right now on the back porch. I have never been able to contain him, and doing so now, even as ill as he is would add to the stress level and compromise him further. He has seven bite wounds on him. Three have abscessed-

He has already beaten the odds- he is almost eleven years old. Most feral cats live to be only 3 or 4-

His photo can be found in a banner on save samoa- this link here:

Save Samoa
The one about The World has taught me to Fear...
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Cobber, as I said to you just now, I'm sending many, many healing vibes and prayers for Cleo.

That Antirobe is good stuff, here's hoping it works.
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I am glad he came to you and you were able to take care of it. How is he reaacting to being inside? I hope he gets well soon...
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I hope he does get better, poor little guy. I'll be thinking about him.
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He isn't inside, he is outside. Even the vet who remembers the neuter said outside is the only option- there is only one person in the world this cat trusts and it is me. I am not going to shatter that trust by confining him, even though my heart wants to, my brain says no.
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I just looked at his pic, he's a lovely looking boy - a lot like my Milo.
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Good luck with him, I hope he recovers soon
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That's him too on the Quiet Dignity Within banner.
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poor guy.. Here's hoping the antirobe helps.. He is beautiful, though.
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Oh, your poor boy! Seems he's a strong soul to have lived as long as he has as a feral. Sending lots of healing vibes his way!

He looks like my Milo too!
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My thoughts are with you both.
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You're giving him such wonderful care, MA.
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Awwww MA, poor baby is in my thoughts!
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MA, my heart and prayers are with him, that the antibiotics work well, and quickly. Prayers for you too my friend, 'cause I still feel that you need them too.
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oh my we are just able to pick up this thread now. I am so sorry for this ordeal and such trauma. He does trust you and you must trust your brain. He will let you know what he truly wants and your incredible talent and empathy will guide you. Sending VERY STRONG vibes and healing and whatever it takes to you now,

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Poor baby. But he will like all that canned food that the antirobe is hidden in. Will he let you touch him? I am guessing yes, since you didn't refer to trapping to get him treated. Give him a pat on the head for me. And a little lecture about getting along with others. Becky
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I'm glad he came to you, I wish him all the best, prayers for him to be on the road to recovery.
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Thanks guys, he is still asleep on the back porch. He's pretty bunged up.
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MA, you're in my thoughts, and your feral guy in my prayers. I know it's hard to see them hurting, but you're doing the right thing. He's a blessed boy to have found you, and trusts you to take care of him while he's ill. How special...and how poignant.

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The poor little guy! Lots of healing vibes coming his way, and lots of "stay calm mommy" vibes for you!
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Aww bless his little heart I hope he feels better soon.

Will he feel the cold or do ferels get used to it?

And does he lie on a blanket on the porch?
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I just caught this thread MA and I am sending lots and lots of vibes over your way from across the ocean

may he continue to be the brave fighter that he seems to be and beat this obstacle as well
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I'm thinking of that poor little guy, MA. He sounds like a tough one, I'm praying he gets through this. And a big hug for you as well.
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When I took in Straycat (RB), he was in similarly bad shape, and incredibly wild. He healed, but not without giving us plenty of bites and scratches, and was eventually persuaded to move into our laundry room (equipped with a cat flap). I really hope things go well for your boy.
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Its alway tough when there is a stray or feral that you want to help out like your inside kitties. I hope he recovers fully!!
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We're all saying little prayers and rooting for him. You are such a good meowmy - if anyone can see him through it will be you MA.
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How is the little guy today MA? And how are YOU doing?
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i'll be praying for him & you!
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I was wondering the same?. Is he any better?
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I will spare you the details but another abscess opened up on him and I took care of it for him. This one was on top of his head. He was so quiet as I worked on him. I took his temp and got bit for that action, but he grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and not my skin (thank goodness)

He is resting out on a large dog bed we have on the back porch. His one eye is less swollen today and he takes the medicine easily.
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