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BOJO, 8 year-old male/neutered, white w/gray patches and CUTIE, 10
year-old male/neutered, brown tabby w/white have been thrown from
place to place (i.e., cage to cage). Their former owner was only
allowed one cat and one dog in her apartment but went above by
having 8 cats. She was found out and had to relinquish. Bojo and
found themselves "hidden" in some empty cages at a vet's office
while someone tried to find them a permanent home. They languished
there too long and had to vacate. They are now in a cage in a pet
store hoping that someone will notice them, overlook their age and
adopt them. We can hope they will be adopted to a wonderful home
from the pet store, but this isn't always the case. If they aren't
found a wonderful home shortly, we don't know what will happen to
them or where they will go next. Cats, especially older ones,
cannot tolerate so much stress without becoming ill. These guys are
really starting to show major signs of depression.

Bojo is a quiet, calm cat who loves human interaction and attention
while Cutie, who is somewhat more active and playful, loves
attention and people too. These guys are total LOVEBUGS. Both Bojo and Cutie get along well
with dogs and cats.

Bojo and Cutie are UTD on their vaccines, have a veterinarian's
certificate of examination and have tested FeLV/FIV negative. Bojo
and Cutie do not have to be adopted together.