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Goliath is a beautiful Maine Coon that seems to have been social at
some point in his life. He was probably discarded at a young age
and left to fend for himself. He shows signs of coming around and
then regresses because his current situation isn't a great one.
He's awaiting a neuter but until then, he's at a boarding facility
with barking dogs. Once he's neutered, the end of this week, he
needs to find a new location/home to live out his life. Goliath's
problem … he's abused day in and day out by some neighborhood kids.
Even one of the residents in the area is always threatening to end
the feral cats in the area. Goliath is the last of the feral cats
that used to come around – leading us to believe that someone is
removing them or killing them although we can't prove it. Goliath's
future at this location is not promising. Goliath has been trapped,
he's awaiting a neuter at the end of the week but still needs a
place to be relocated. If someone out there has a managed colony at
their home or a barn, Goliath would be a great addition to your
colony. He's sweet and although scared and feral at times,
certainly has potential to be socialized into a new environment.