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new Whiskas commercial

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Has anyone seen that Whiskas commerical that has the guy coming home from the store and he's feeding his cat and the cat comes running in and all of a sudden, he hears noises outside of his house so he looks and there are lions, leopards, tigers, cats, Panthers all over the outside and on top of his house? I LOVE that commercial! I've only seen it twice. But I think it's just absolutely fantastic!
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Yes, I actually saw that for the first time a couple nights ago. Cool ad!
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I like the Whiskas commercials so i hope it's on here soon
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Me too, sounds great. I've always thought the folks who do the Whiskas TV ads were prety clever. Here is a link where you can view lots of recent Whiskas commercials (though it doesn't have the new one).
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ohh i havent seen it if anyone finds it on the net send it to me please
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Oh that sounds cool! Whiskas always comes up with such creative ads! Can't wait till that one hits our screens.
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I've seen that commercial a couple of times. It's too funny! I love it!
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Oh yes both Jerry and I commented on what a cool commercial that is.
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Yeah...I've seen it....I like it a lot! The first time I saw it....I said, "Hey that looks like our house!" (so many cats coming out when I open the cat food)
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How adorable! I love it. Thay come up with such cute ideas!
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No I haven't seen it, it sound like a cool commercial.
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