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Kitty Christmas part 2

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We had to go pick up more food for the kitties at Petsmart last night, and the manager (an old friend of Earl's) made sure to let us know that all the Christmas stuff is 75% off! Kitties don't know or care that red and green toys are for Christmas, so we had a mini-shopping spree for them. They got new velvet catnip mice (reg. $6 for $1.50) and new balls (reg. $2 for 50 cents), and even a special gift package of 3 kinds of treats (that they already like) and a can of turkey wet food for only 89 cents! And they had tons of kitty toy packages and stockings for kitty too.

Since every-kitty always needs more toys, I thought I would pass this on to you guys. I figured it's probably like that in most stores around the country, at least the 75% off thing.
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Oooh very exciting! They had this pretty blanket I wanted to get Baylee... maybe it's there and on sale!

Thanks for the heads up!
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Awww you have some very lucky kitties. I think I'll head over to our store tomorrow on my lunch hour! Thanks!
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I too was at Petsmart yesterday and their Christmas stuff was gone already. So if you are going, go fast before it is all gone!
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Aren't your spoiled babies so happy today, Heidi! Thanks for the tip!
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Cool! thanks for letting us know....I am going over there today. ( Jester the Border Collie says: Maybe they have dog things on sale too!!)
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