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Our vet just told me that Declawing has been officialy outlawed in Israel. The Knesset (our parliament) outlawed declawing along with the chopping off of dogs' tails and ears!

He says it's very effective, although some vets will still do it if the client insists and is willing to pay. But... he says that if I ever hear about a vet doing this I can file a complaint in the vets association and that vet will lose his lisence!!! Isn't is great?

By the way, out vet is an who is very much against declawing and has never performed the operation himself! I am so proud to have such a great vet! His only "flaw" is that he hardly charges us any money because he knows we take care of strays and ferals We sometimes have to insist on paying and then he asks for a ridiculous small sum
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Well that's a great news! One less country to do it!

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Great idea!! That makes sense. I'll try it. Thanks.
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In my home of 2 adult cats and 3 (4 until yesterday) kittens, we have the cat tree, a small vertical rope post, and 2 horizontal cardboard scratchers.
The cardboard scratcher looks like a honeycomb, kinda.

The big girls use all of them and never scratch anywhere else..lucky me!
But I love the cardboard scratchers, the kittens started using them at about 5 weeks old, and I have never caught them scratching the furniture!

I bought mine at either PetSmart or PetCo, and they were only about $4.00....also, for older kitties, you can sprinkle catnip in the holes in the box, Lily loves that!
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