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Rip Bumper!

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Most of you have heard me speak about a friend called Emma the vet nurse who i got Sophie from?!.

Emma has 5 cats and she adopted them when people brought them into her surgery!.

One of them was a gorgeous cat who Emma renamed as "Bumper" because he got hit by a car and suffered brain damage.

Bumper has been on various medication for his problem, but over the last few months he was getting worse in the fact that he was becoming aggresive with the other cats, urinating everywhere, not eating like he did and walking around yelling.

Everything that could have been done has been done for Bumper, so Emma had to make the painful decision last week that it was time to let him go

Today was that day One of Emmas vets from her surgery came to her house so it would be as stress free as possible for Bumper, and before the vet gave the injection, Emma let all the other cats say their goodbyes by letting them sniff him.

Bumper died peacefully in Emmas arms this morning and she wrapped him in his favourite shirt that he lay on and sprinkled him with catnip before taking him to be cremated.

RIP Bumper, go chase those butterflies!
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Oh, Emma must be so heart broken, she loves her little Bumper so very much. Emma, I know you realize your baby is so happy and healthy now playing joyfully in Heaven. My heart goes out to you, you certainly are in my thoughts, and I pray you will feel peace in your heart at this painful time.
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It's small consolation on a day like today to know you've done all you possibly could for a loved one. Bumper was obviously loved very, very much. May he find the peace and joy he had before his accident.
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Oh Susan, I feel so badly for Emma and Bumper. Death is such a hard thing to accept and although our love last forever, it's hard to deal with. I pray that Emma will find the strength to get through this sadness. Your such a good friend to her. Give her a hug from me please.....
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What a heartbreaking decision to make for Emma.
My thoughts are with her this evening
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AWW RIP Bumper. Poor baby!
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Oh Susan... What sad is this... give for me to Emma a big hug... RIP sweet little one Bumper...
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sweet sweet Bumper what a brave boy he was

Please pass on my condolences to Emma - this post made me cry as I just know how heartbreaking this decision must of been for her but she knows that she did everything in her power to give Bumper the life that he deserves - but we also know that now he is playing happily, free of any pain or illness, at the rainbow bridge and he will be waiting for Emma whenever that may be.....

RIP sweet Bumper
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Thanks everyone! My eyes are so swollen this morning from crying for her last night

Emma e-mailed me last night to thank me for the e-card that i sent her but said that she wasn't stable to read it yet, which i can understand!.

She said once her boss came to give Bumper the injection she just broke down and once Bumper had finally gone she sat on the floor holding onto Bumper "wailing" for nearly 30 minutes

She said in her job she has had to put thousands of sick animals to sleep but said that nothing could have prepared her for losing one of her own!
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I have told Danielle to send an automatic reminder to me every morning not to go to the Bridge forum. Here I am again and I'm crying again. I'm so sorry about your friend, Susan. It sounds like Bumper had some problems and is now free to romp and play like the other kitty angels.
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I am so sorry to hear about Bumper. Sounds like Emma loved him very much to know when it was right to let him go. To Emma. RIP Bumper
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I am so sorry to hear about Bumper, My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Emma.
R.I.P. little one.
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So sad Emma had to let go of Bumper. It's really hard seeing one of your own go away, eventhough you've seen countless of animals being euthanized. Bumper will have a happier life over at the Bridge.
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I feel so sorry for your friend Emma, Susan. She's in my thoughts. Having one of your babies pts is a really tough experience. RIP, Bumper.
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My thoughts to your friend Emma. There are no words invented that convey how much we feel for a friend at a time like this. I'm sure Emma is glad to have a friend like you Susan.
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