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Gemlady? I don't want to hijack Fwan's time, but the Bogomils were fascinating and there is a lot about them online. Some people say that they all converted en masse to Islam and that is where the Bosnian Moslems came from! Personally I think that is a huge exaggeration, but they are a mystery, where they came from and where they all disappeared to. I can tell you more if you want to PM me
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Your pix are great Fwan, but very big - I can't see all of them at once on my computer!
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Jenny? Jasper wants to know if your girls enjoyed his presents - the lace thongs he bought in Mostar.
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oh no worries!
Umm i think one of the mods could resize them right???
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Just beautiful. Simply stunning. I wish I was there.
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Oh the thongs were for my three - that explains the sly looks they have been giving me - I think they have been trying them on in secret!
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well guys!
i will leave you to shopping and having nice german food.
Sorry my thread is a bit lame but i will come back online tomorrow morning with my dads computer
after i get my bracess off
cya later
and have fun!!!!!
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Congrats on getting your braces off!

I only wish I was so lucky.

Is fwan our host? Where are we? I'd love to go shopping, as soon as I know.
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I love German food, as long as there is good beer to go with it! Let's find a bierkellar and then have a good sleep before sightseeing tomorrow! I don't think the cats will like sauerkraut though. They can have some sausages.
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This is fun! The Opera, the Zeil and the Zoo!
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Guten Morgen, Meine Freuden! Katzen, auch! (Studied German in high school so it will be rusty. Apologies for the lack of an umlaut.)

Don't ask me how, but Jasper bought a bierstein that was bigger than him. And no - I will not pack it in my suitcase! Come on, Baby Boy, let's get ready for today's activities.
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JAsper is worse than I am for buying souvenirs! And that's saying something! (and I just realised this is my 1000'th post)
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what´s on agenda today?
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Today, fran is getting her braces off... well by now already did!
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We are still in the bierkeller and rather the worse for wear, as the beer is served in those giant jugs. But I htink we should go sightseeing soon, before we get so we can't stand up!
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So after the zoo and the shopping, the eating and the sleeping today as late as it is we are going to lean about frankfurt and its economics, its banks, and some more antique stuff!!

This is the Römer.
Its one of the most popular sightseeings here in frankfurt it only has sourvenier shops and gelati stores!!
here is a pic of the Römer:

This is a turn off from the main shopping street, its very old but rebuilt after the war and they have rebuilt it the exact same way as it was before the world war 2.
Now inside the römer is the registry office where people have weddings

as we walk down from the römer we come accross to the Main river, now we are going to go on for a river cruise for an hour!
so all you kitties and people get boeding!!!

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THat's fun! But I must sit on deck as I have had too much beer!
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A river cruise!
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Where are we now?
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Front page says Tia/MyRage is our hostess.

But I may have to sit out a couple of days. I have this virus.
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Jan, how can you be sick on your birthday!
Sending you lots and tons of get well vibes dear!!
Jasper, take care of meowmy and be a good boy, okay?
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Hello fellow vacationers!

How's it going?
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OK, though I am recovering from a slight health panic with Persil. Not over yet, but I think we can see a way through the problem. So I am in a better mood to be on vacation!
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I'll have to go and find that thread - Hugs to you and Persil, Jenny.
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Where's Tia?
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Where are we supposed to be at the moment?

Anyone out there?
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maybe i should finish our vacation since i didnt... Thats if everyone thinks its okay?
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Sounds good to me fwan!
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Super! We are still on a river cruise in Frankfurt?
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