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When people begin to arrive to Vermont here is where we'll be staying.

And here is the first day's plan. Skiing.

So get cozy with your kits. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

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Maybe I should not have posted the images? People might decide to hide on me lol
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Yay Skiing! I'm going on the Bear Claw trail Beth... the other ones look scary!
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Yeah. You won't ever catch me on Devils Fiddle... I think I'll stick to the nice easy green trails.
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I prefer the green trails but I can handle the blue trail. The one time I went skiing, my friend and I accidentally went on a blue trail and it was scary (for me, she was actually good)... then she tricked me and we went on that same one again (no way I wanted to do it again!) and it wasn't that bad!
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what are devils fiddle?
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Fwan, it sounds like a very difficult ski run!

Almost to Vermont. At least the cool temps will keep our chocolate from melting.

Jasper? You finished dreaming about that polydactyl? Jasper??

*feels around the empty candy wrappers, again*

Oops! That doesn't feel like a cat. It feels like *grope* ...

Um, Hi, Rigel!
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Yikes! Looks like we're going back to the cold!
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Beth, what about those who don't know how to ski?

perhaps a cute ski instructor will help?
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That's the spirit, Yayi! Personally, I am all for "apre ski" - sitting by a warm fire with a hot chocolate (recipe of your choice - that is with or without alcohol).
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That's a great idea, Yayi.
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I used to love to ski!!! My DH doesn't like it so I guess I will have to virtual ski.
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Also, with virtual skiing, your form and technique is perfect!

And you look smashing is those skin tight ski togs!
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Of course
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Originally Posted by yayi
Beth, what about those who don't know how to ski?

perhaps a cute ski instructor will help?
I am sure there are some adorable ski instructors Plus at the lodge there is a HUGE fire place and a nice bar. I'm sure there will be some cute men there too.
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Heard of heli skiing ? Looks like fun but dangerous.
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WOAH. Are they dropping people out of a helicopter??? Now that is extreem. Suddenly the lodge is looking quite nice.
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Umm, I think I'll be staying at the bar.
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Hey Beth! I think the Cat Bus made good time. Is that the lodge we're approaching? Can they take us tonight? Do they have a dumpster that can take all the trash from the cat Bus? Y'know - empty booze bottles, candy wrappers, dirty litter...
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Oh yes. Its still early and people are out on the hill. We can all settle in and get rested for an early morning on the slopes. There is a hunky ski instructor available for people who do not know how to ski and wish to learn.

THe fire is burning and the bar is open!

(Dumpster is around back, pu stinky litter)
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Everykitty out of the bus!

*rumble* *stampede*

THong boy and I are headed to our room. Good night and see ya in the morning!
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I'm going to my room too, come on kitties.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
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Hello, room service? One large hot chocolate with whipped cream and a hunky waiter, please.
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Originally Posted by captiva
((((ssshhh .... yayi.... I'm going to barter with her. I will ask that she brings Smokey to me if hosting the thread means that much to her )))))

Dont think about stealing my Smoky!!!! Thats MY BABY! You can have the other!!!
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Nope, nope - want Smoky

Do you still want me to put in a word the the Vacation Princess? Do you still want to show us South Dakota? The Vacation Princess might know a little about that state herself.
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Hot Choc for me with some Peppermint Schnapps , please.
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Chris? You forgot the hunky waiter.

Okay, I think I shall head tothe slopes and ski. Being a virtual trip, I can! But I could use a few repfresher lessons from Dirk!
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Haven't seen Jasper since he left early. Said something about being with the gang...

Yes, Dirk, what were you saying about bending at the knees?





What the ?????? *Jan and other skiers go flying.*

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JASPER!! That was very naughty of you! Wait, you're not with that group. Do I hear your meowing coming from behind me?


OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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