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Yep I'll sit with you! You can drive.
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Aw man... who's gonna sit with me? Okay the kitties can sit with me then...
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Thanks Beth!

Sorry, Ari. I hope Max likes this more then the horse back riding!

Here we go! Whee! I love this!
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WHOOOO!!! Hold on to your hats - Jenny's a speed freak. Are you okay back there Ari!
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I sure am!
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That was fun!

Okay, now off to..

Splash Mountian!


No worries, there is a little center for kittes to stay..
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
WHOOOO!!! Hold on to your hats - Jenny's a speed freak. Are you okay back there Ari!
Phew! I barely survived! That was crazy!
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YAY!!!!!! This is my absolute favourite Disney ride. It scares my daughter and husband to death . Everybody's got a laughin' place, a laughin place to go ho ho....." My favourite!!!!
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Beth, I am overjoyed!

Okay, here's our log!

You coming, Ari?
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Oh dear... it looks like we're gonna get wet.... okay let's do it!
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My family of 7 would like to join in on the vacation plzzzz.....
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Plenty of room for everyone Momof6mews - I'm gatecrashing for the day!!!

Ari - if you really don't want to get wet you can get yourself a poncho - but there's nothing quite like wandering around all day looking like you've wet yourself
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The babies would like to go on the tower of terror in MGM when we get there...They said they will show everyone a good time!!
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oooh that's one ride I've always been too chicken to go on. They're building on in DL Paris now.
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Or with soggy jeans... ewww!

Eh I need to take a shower anyways ( ) let's do it!
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That's the spirit!
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But before we go we must stop and get some dippin dots!! The babies have been begging me all day... We're buying for everyone!!
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Oooh I love Dippin Dots!
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I've heard of these - what are dippin dots?
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They look like this:
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Basically it's ice cream in little balls (or dots). Still yum tho!
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ohhh now Im really hungry for them...... Better get there quick
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ooh scrummy . Well, folks been great hangin out - but I'm going to have to love ya and leave ya as it's gone midnight here. So off to get some shut eye . Night night.
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Night Beth!
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Okay time for my dinner break... later!
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Time for homework
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Okay, now that we've had our delicious Dippin Dots, time for-


If any of you are still there..

*Gets into log*

Is everyone ready for the ride of your life?
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*stomp stomp* Here is my family, we are ready to rock!!! we have our walking shoes on!
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OMG! Here's the first slope!



Lucky cats.
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