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That sound nice, I'll join you.
Yumm, I'll drink a lava flow.
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Oooh a Lava Flow looks good!

Okay I know I've been lousy at this vacation so while my internet is behaving, I'm gonna take y'all on a tour of as much of Hawaii as I know...
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The Road to Hana
This a 2-3 hour drive on Maui and supposedly well worth it! We're thinking that we're definitely going to take our parents on this trip. It's known for it being isolated from the rest of Maui and it being back to the basics, natural Hawaii.
It's only about 53 miles long but there are over 600 curves and 54 bridges.
There's a lot to see!

Beautiful scenery...

The Seven Sacred Pools...

Waterfalls, beaches, churches... I wish I had more and better pictures to show you!
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Wow, that looks beautiful.
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This is where I want my honeymoon to be... it's like Maui, but considered less touristy. (Beth aka flisssweetpea has fantastic photos and I wish she was around to show you)

Wailua Falls


Kilhauea Lighthouse:

Kalalau Lookout:

I can't think of much else but really all I want to do on Kauai is enjoy the beaches and the peace and quiet!
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I love Wailua Falls, very beautiful.
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What else is there Tina? What should we do?
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The road to Hana has 600 curves and 54 bridges - sounds like a couple of Indiana highways I've been on...
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Ha ha! Now there was this program I was watching on the Road to Hana and I believe (unless I'm getting confused) that you can have the option of renting a bicycle and riding back. Apparently it's the perfect bike ride - all downhill, you only have to pedal for about 400 yards.
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I think I've heard about that bike ride. Sounds perfect for me!
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There's always shopping for the souvenirs!
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Same here! However I think what precedes the bike ride is getting up at some insane hour to watch the sun rise over Hana, it's supposedly gorgeous... I'll have to take their word for it because I'm NOT waking up before the sun comes up!
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What souveneirs would you like to buy?
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You'll be on your honeymoon. You aren't expected to leave the bedroom!
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So shopping or riding bike?
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Whoa there! That might be TOO much time with my new husband!
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Let's go shop Tina! I'm all for spending money!
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Jasper will no doubt be adding to his thong and tacky t-shirt collection.
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But of course!

I think I want one of those bobbly things that you put on your dashboard... a hula girl but a man instead! Do you know what I'm talking about?
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Oh that's cute.
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Jasper is thinking about getting one of those hula lamps.
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Ha ha. Jasper has strange taste!

Tina what are you buying?
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I wonder what is under his grass skirt...
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A pink thong!
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I like this!
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Aw that's great Tina!
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Okay girls I'm sorry to do this as I've been a bad Hawaii host but I have to go to bed... I already have to wake up in 7 hours for work and I'm not even asleep yet! Thanks for hanging out with me!
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I googled hula lamps (under google images) and there were these lamps where the light emanates from the dancers boobs!

No Jasper, you can't have one...

Hey, Ari! Are ya gonna get the fiance a pink thong?
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Goodnight Ari, thank you for showing us around Hawaii. It's not your fault, not only are you having computer problems, but you didn't have enough days to find information/pictures on Hawaii. You are a great host, you did a terrific job when you hosted San Antonio. Go get some sleep, I'm off to bed too.
See you tomorrow
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