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Originally Posted by gemlady
Jasper only bought me a set of mouse ears...
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Ok, Gordo and Jasper say bye to Snow White. We are now going to MGM Studios. So, everyone on the Monorail.
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Looove that monorail!
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Sorcerer's Hat at MGM

The Earful Tower
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Sunset Boulevard at Disney MGM Studios

Lake Echo at Disney MGM Studios
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Next we are going to Rock n' Roller Coaster
Aerosmith's having a backstage party across town and you're invited. Ready to brave the LA freeways? Zoom from 0-60 mph with the force of a supersonic F-14, take in high-speed loops and turns synchronized to a specially recorded Aerosmith soundtrack and zip through Tinseltown in the biggest, loudest limo you've ever seen.

The ride!

WOOOOOOOO!!!!! Hold on tight GOOORDDDDOOOOO!!!!!
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This ride starts at 60 mph, and it does 3 loops in a row. I didn't feel the 3 loops the first time I got in it. I couldn't even scream!

Please get a fast pass, this is by far the best ride in all 4 parks, but not the best in Orlando. That belongs to The Mummy at Universal Studios!
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Whoa, that was a good ride. Next we are going to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Tower!
Brave the creepy facade of a once-glorious hotel for a jolt back in time. Board a phantom elevator, shoot up 13 stories and brace yourself for a thrilling plummet... but beware! The experience just got scarier. You rocket back up, only to plummet down yet again. You dare to ride once more, but wait! That's not what happened before. That's right, now the Tower is in control, so it's never the same fear twice!
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So, who wants to go on the elevator?
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Wow, awesome ride!

For Dinner we are going to The Rainforest Cafe.

Here's the menu
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"The Earful Tower"! Ewwww!
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I'll start with the Chimi-cha-cha
For Dinner, I'm having the Carribean Coconut Shrimp.

Gordo will have the Maya's mixed grilled.

Princess and Pitufo will have the Tree top Fillet.
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Oh, good. The restaurant has seats that don't jerk up and down or speed at 60 mph!

I'll start with the mozzarella sticks - two orders please, then the Buffalo Fried Chicken Salad (Buffalo sauce on the side please), Jasper will have the Monsoon Grill, and a side of garlic mashed potatoes.
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Oh, the mashed potatoes are for me. Love that garlic!
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Oh, good. The restaurant has seats that don't jerk up and down or speed at 60 mph!

Jasper, watch out for the moving gorilla!
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Dinner was great, Next we are going to Sky 60. Sky 60 is located on Downtown Orlando. Downtown Orlando is famous for having a lot of clubs, bars and restaurants. It kind of looks a little bit like South Beach. Sky 60 is the only roof night club in Orlando.

Here's a little info on Sky 60
Perhaps one day Orlando will be satisfied just being Orlando. But in the meantime, super-hip bars like Sky 60 will coax the O-Town elite out of their Thornton Park lofts for nightlife that's decidedly South Beach-style.

No doubt this is a cool spot to hang out on the Orange Avenue strip, and definitely a step up from your bump 'n grind joints like Chillers and Tabu. It's easy to let the beautiful, sexily dressed clientele and tropical breezes put you in that Miami state of mind.

Sky 60's best feature is its design. The rooftop terrace features perfect mood lighting, starry skies and private cabanas where you can cozy up with a few good friends, or -- better yet -- that good-looking stranger you've been eyeing all night.

DJs perform nightly and spin everything from dance music to more mellow downbeats. Whether you're looking to make some new friends on the dance floor, or just enjoy a quality drink with a date in a classy setting, there’s something to please every palate at this bar.
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Only pic, I could find of Sky 60.

This place is hot, I've never been there. I saw from the last floor of a parking garage, I was looking for it like crazy. Now I know where is at, so I'm palnning of going there when I go back to Orlando.
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So, who wants to drink?
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Yeah, where's the Royal Order of TCS Lushes now that we're at a bar?

Root beer for me and - Jasper and Gordo are already into the Catnip beer.
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I'm here!
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Good to see you Ari. Tina needs the company. Time for me to go to bed. Good night!
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Oh sure leave Jan!

Hey Tina what are we up to?
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Hi Ari

Bye Jan

I think Jan had too much root beer. I don't think Linda is here anymore, so we have to get our own drinks. What do you want to drink? What type of music do you want to listen to?
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Hmm... drink? Something pink and fruity!

Music? Anything... just not country! How about you?
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The DJ can play anything he wants.
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Hit it DJ!
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For Ari

For me
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Uh-oh, DJ is playing Reggaeton. Tina walks up to the DJ, she slaps him twice, and tells him to play some real music!
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Oooh we have such pretty drinks Tina! And you tell that DJ off!
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