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We are Here!!!

We are going to the Clevelander, the most famous bar in South Beach
Here is some info on them

The bar with a pool and loud music! Let's Dance!!!
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YES! Party time!
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Parking is a pain, the only time you can find a good parking space is when a Hurricane is coming. Other than that good luck finding a meter, which means you are stuck paying $20 to $30 just to park your car, and than you have to walk for miles.
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$20 -$30 !!! Let's just buy the drinks and party in the car!
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Jasper! Take it easy on those catnip shots!
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Hello, pretty mama!!!

Looks like Jasper has met one of the local kitties.
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Good evening, everyone! I have lurked a few times today, skimming the activities, so I wouldn't have too much catching up to do this evening. You've had a grand time, haven't you? I still have some reading to do and some links to check, but wanted to make a quick appearance, now that I have a sense of what's up. I'm going to disappear for a short while, to feed my monsters -- the four legged and the two legged -- and will be back in an hour or so. Sounds as if you may still be partying -- I hope
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I think, I'm going to have a sex on the beach (the drink). What about you Jan?
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Hi Fran see you later tonight.
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Tina, I sure am glad you clarified your drink choice! (I've heard of it and my sister has a candle named for the drink. My nickname is "Sex with a b***h"...)

I think I better keep my senses and have a root beer. Jasper, be careful where you're dancing. You're getting too close to that pool!

One and two and twirl and spin and dip!
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Is Jasper wearing his thong?
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Would love to stay longer Tina, but I have to get up early tomorrow.

Jasper! Watch out for the pool!
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Goodnight Jan
See you tomorrow.
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I'm off to bed, I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Have fun in South Beach, go to other clubs and get drunk!
Here's the link of South Beach

When you guys are ready to go to sleep, the beach is not that far away (Yes we are sleeping on the beach). It's a 5 minute walk.

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Well, pooh! Seems everyone has crashed. Well, I'll be around for a while...and I'll keep an eye out for revellers, while I do some more reading.

Edited to add: The snoring on this beach is deafening, so I think I'll turn in and pull my pillow over my head ...check ya tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Tina, I sure am glad you clarified your drink choice! (I've heard of it and my sister has a candle named for the drink. My nickname is "Sex with a b***h"...)
.....JAN! ...
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Goodmorning, Breakfast anyone!
We are going to eat breakfast at the News Cafe on South Beach.

Here is the menu:
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I'll have some Buttermilk pancakes and a cappuccino.
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Hi Tina good Morning the breakfasts looks terrific!

I want a Bagel with cream cheese & smoked salmon!
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Hi Rigel, are you drinking any coffee or juice?
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I think for a good digestion, Orange Juicy!!!

I`ll put a little vodka to better the taste!
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LOL, this early.
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Originally Posted by babygirl
LOL, this early.
Milky to Gordo----> Dude, whats on agenda today? There`s shrimp on the menu for the dinner???
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Ok guys, we are now going to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. So everyone on the cat bus!
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yooohooooy we`re on the road again!!!!!

Jasper, Jannie say you behave today!!! please don`t put out of the window your tail!!!
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Ok, we're here. Here's some information on Vizcaya.
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Vizcaya was built by American industrialist James Deering, who wintered on the property from 1916–1925. Today, the extraordinary European-inspired estate includes a house filled with art and furnishings, ten acres of gardens on Biscayne Bay, a hardwood hammock (native forest), and an historic village that we’re restoring for public enjoyment.
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what a lovely gardens of Vizcaya museum!!!

This say the site:

Vizcaya’s Designers, the Main House and the Gardens
When he began building his winter home, Deering engaged the assistance of Paul Chalfin, a young New York painter, to supervise the entire project. Deering and Chalfin traveled throughout Europe surveying residential architecture for ideas and obtaining components such as doors, wall panels, mantels and ceilings that would be incorporated into the proposed home. Also working on the project were architect F. Burrall Hoffman and Colombian landscape architect Diego Suarez.

The house was intended to appear as an Italian estate that had stood for 400 years and had been occupied and renovated by several generations of a family. It has 34 decorated rooms of 15th through 19th century antique furnishings and art objects. The house appears to be only two stories high but between the main public rooms and the bedrooms, there is an intervening level with 12 rooms for servants and service. Vizcaya intends to open these rooms to the public in the near future, thereby introducing new stories about those who lived and worked at the house.

The expansive gardens combine elements of Renaissance Italian and French designs. Future programs will place greater emphasis on interpreting and presenting these gardens. Suarez and Chalfin worked for seven years, perfecting the design of the gardens as one vast outdoor room with the elements serving as complementary parts of an integrated area. Key features include the many fountains, a central pool surrounding an elevated island, the elevated Mound with its small house, or “Casino,†statuary, and several themed gardens
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This is the mansion, unfortunately we can't take pics from the inside. They give you a tour of the mansion, all the furniture is from the early 1900's. After the tour they let you go upstairs so you can look at the rooms. The rooms are very beautiful, but we are not alone. (ghost)
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