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Yummm, those waffles look delicious.
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Hi, Yayi and Sam
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Hello Tina!

Yum, I think I'll have some waffles too!
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I'm hungry, who want some burger and fries?
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Me, me!
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*Sam, here is your Burger and fries*
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Thank you Tina!

Guys I'm off for a few hours - going around to Nanas for dinner and then it's my Cat clubs meeting so I'll see you all later on.
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Hi Sam! Bye Sam!
Hello Tina! I will have the burgers and fries! Thank you!
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Bye Sam

*here's your food, Yayi*
You want some coke with Rum?
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Sure! Thank you!
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Get the coke!
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Uh-oh, I think we need another Bacardi Rum bottle.
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Tina, I don't think it's a 50-50 coke-rum ratio, is it?
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We have to leave some coke for Sam and Jenny, you now they don't drink. Ok, only Jenny doesn't drink.
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That's right Tina-Sam.....!
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Originally Posted by yayi
Tina, I don't think it's a 50-50 coke-rum ratio, is it?

I think we are forgeting the most important thing here.... Barcardi and Diet Coke have zero carbs (according to Bacardi)
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Erm little early for alcohol isn't it girls?!.

Get me one please!!
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Good morning everyone!

It is now 8 am - Atlanta time - and I suspect after all that 'enjoyment' last night, some of you are still sound asleep in the lovely "Gone with the Wind" Plantation Bed and Breakfast, Tarleton Oaks:-).

I understand that they are well used to handling the effects of a little 'over-imbibement' so you should find a special remedy with your breakfasts:-).

For those of you just arriving, we will rendezvous at Tarleton Oaks. The weather today is sunny right now and 45 degrees fahrenheit (and rising quickly - 7 degrees in the last half hour:-) ) and we expect a high of 68 degrees today, but the threat of a thunderstorm is also in the air:

Today we are going to do the whole "Gone with the Wind" tour - and I have arranged for a special tour guide to go with us. She will join us after breakfast - you can check here so you will recognize her when she shows up - her really name is Melly Meadows, but she sure does look familiar!

I will let you sit back and enjoy your breakfast and the wonderful ambiance of the 'Old South' and we will start on our day in the magnolias and cherry blossoms shortly.

Oh, the Big dinnerplate magnolias aren't out yet and we are a little too early for most of the Spring blossoms, but you will see the tuliptrees coming into bloom (also called magnolias in the north), the cherry trees are in blossom and the camellias are absolutely stunning right now:-).

Enjoy your breakfasts!

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Fiddle-dee-dee! I didn't pack my hoopskirts!

Good Morning, everyone! So nice to visit with you and yours, Kathryn!
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I just readup on Tarleton Oaks and will take time for a visit to the cemetery. (Anyone who does genealogy has an affinity for cemeteries! I don't have any kin there - at least not in my direct lines - but did lose a great-great-grandfather in the Civile War. he and his oldest son died of measles just months after joining the northern side.)

Come along Jasper, let's get our room. No, I am not changing your name to Rhett!
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Well, I don't think it is mandatory to wear hoopskirts on this tour, but if you want to, please do:-).

Here is a civil war dress I found at one of the places we will be visiting today, if anyone wants to wear it. I think it is a little drab, colourwise, personally, but I guess during war time you can't always wear ball dresses (too bad!)

just remember, not only do you need to wear a hoop skirt, though, you also need to wear one of these:

Lion and Bear have also issued an invitation to all of the kitty-cats travelling on holidays - if you think that you might find all of this historic stuff boring, you are more than welcome to join them on their cat tree and spend the day with them:

there are plenty of birds at the back yard feeder - more than enough to go around!

First stop of the day with our lovely hostess will be Historic Jonesboro!


The CatSite bus leaves at 10:00 am - if you haven't finished breakfast yet, you still have time.

See you soon.

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Good Morning to Everyone!
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Alrighty! Everybody on the bus? Lots of room - even for those who decided to wear your hoopskirts, too!

First stop is Historic Jonesboro - the actual 'real life' place where Gone With the Wind was supposed to take place. Actually, Tara never really existed, but Margaret Mitchell based Scarlett's beautiful southern plantation home on the plantation home of her grandparents who lived in Jonesboro - about 22 miles south of Atlanta. Many of the movie's original scenes were shot or researched in Clayton County and Jonesboro. The original Mitchell Plantation no longer exists - it was torn down a number of years ago - but we can see its' main fireplace and chimney - they are displayed on the grounds of Stately Oaks, a beautiful historic site that looks a lot like Tara. That will be our first stop!


I thought it would be nice to have some music while we tour Stately Oaks, so this band - called 'Reconstituted" - will play music from the civil war time period for us.

While we are at Stately Oaks we can enjoy some of the period re-enactors - and if we are lucky they may put a battle re-enactment on for us. (you may want to bring some cotton batten to put in your ears - the canons are LOUD!)

To guide us on our tour through Historic Jonesboro I have arranged for another special tour guide:


He offers "historical and hysterical tours'" and here are some of the things we may see on his tour:


So, until lunch this should keep us busy! Lunch? Oh, I will announce those arrangements closer . . . you should still be full after that big breakfast we had earlier! Enjoy the tours! This afternoon we will head into Atlanta proper.

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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Good Morning to Everyone!
Good morning, Cool Cat!

Welcome aboard:-) It is a lovely 64 degrees right now so I don't think you will need your sweater but you can certainly leave it on the bus for now. Hmm, doesn't that fresh spring air smell wonderful!

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Lion just reminded me I better put more bird seed into those bird feeders - with company coming over we don't want to run out of birds!

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Morning everybody! Looking forward to seeing the Old South, Kathryn. But for now I must leave you to your tours, and catch you up later.
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Hi Kathryn i never I be on Atlanta, I`m so sure is soo fantastic!!! thanks for the Warm welcome!!!
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Originally Posted by Kathryn41
there are plenty of birds at the back yard feeder - more than enough to go around!

The CatSite bus leaves at 10:00 am - if you haven't finished breakfast yet, you still have time.
See you soon.
Nice labour for the birdies!!!! Cool Pic!
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We will be boarding the Cat Site Bus again to head out for lunch now. We have reservations at Mary Mac's Tearoom in Atlanta - a famous, traditional meeting place of the famous, the infamous and the not-so-famous, where we will enjoy good, old-fashioned Southern cooking! Here is the menu (click on New Menu at the bottom of the site. You may also want to watch the little video telling about Mary Mac's tearoom)


After lunch we will gather again to tour the "Gone with the Wind' locations in Atlanta - oh and there are lots;-).

Hmmmmm, really enjoying this lovely 72 degree weather, lots of sun, a light breeze, just a perfect day. Storms are holding off for the time being, so we shouldn't have any trouble with them at all

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I`ll take the Barbeque spare ribs!!!!
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