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Please Tina, tell us what's this about?
They do shows from the hospital, of everything that goes on. I feel bad for the paramedics, every time they sit down to eat, they get called on to go pick up someone that's hurt. So, I have a lot of respects for Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics. They work a lot of hours and they barely have time to eat and sleep.
They have other shows too, about operations and stuff. It was hard for me to watch it at first, but I got used to it.
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Anyone else want to toast marshmellows?

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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Anyone else want to toast marshmellows?

Uhhh me!
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Umm kitties maybe instead of marshmellows you can toast some fish?!
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or crabs.
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Guess what? I found this link about Emerald Isle and it doesn't mention turtles. I think that loggerhead we saw was way off course!
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What's a loggerhead?
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It's a turtle Sam. Emereal Isle?, do i take it were at Stephanies?!

Morning everyone!, i have such a headache because i was at a party last night so i'm ready to step into a deep bubble bath with a bottle of water to rehydrate!
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Hello Susan and thanks. Yup we are at Stephanies in Emerald Isle! Have a nice bubble bath!
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What's a loggerhead?
a turtle
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Wow, it's massive!
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Hi Susan, enjoy your bubble bath.
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Bridgey, Shookie & Dance it is past your bedtime - I think it's time you guys get cuddled up in bed. Stephanie, where are we staying tonight?
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Ok, time for me to go to bed.
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Good night Tina!
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Good night, Tina!
Give me a sec, Sam, just checking on our reservations now!
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Awesome, thank you Stephanie!
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Well it's getting late here so it's best I say good night -

See you all in the morning.
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Is it ok if we all just stay here with Sierra and me tonight?

Please, everyone come in!

Make yourself at home!

Help yourself to anything you'd like!

The water is so nice and warm, would anyone like to go for a swim?

Tomorrow, we can all go for a walk on the beach!

Remember, we also have 24 hour room service, so order anything you'd like!
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I'll do some laps in the pool while my babies go exploring!...Then on that rocking chair on deck! At least I think it's a rocking chair.
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Great, Yayi! I'll join you in the pool, then we have a special rocking chair just for you!
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When you guys are ready, help yourselves to the breakfast buffet!

Anyone care for some waffles?
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.. huh???? Where am I? Can somebody get my sunglasses???

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Hey do you guys have any coffee?

Umm.... Who are you guys anyway?

Thanks, but nevermind. I think I'll crawl over to Steph's. Her breakfast looks wonderful!
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Good morning, Chris, have a rough night? Glad you've joined us! Here, have some coffee, and help yourself to the buffet! If you'd like, you can freshen up a bit upstairs.
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Ya think I need a shower?
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Um, I didn't want to say anything, but there's also a new toothbrush in the cabinet if you'd like to give it a try.
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O.K., O.K. I'll get my day started. Thanks, Steph!
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