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Michaelangelo's Pizza

Location Info:
Emerald Plantation South, Emerald Isle, NC 28594

Products & Services:
Food, Pizza, Drinks, Soups & Salads, Meats, Vegetables, Fruits

I found one! What do you want to order everyone?
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I'll have breadsticks, along with some yummy cheese pizza.
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I love cheese pizza (with extra cheese) and some cheese sticks.
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I'll have some breadsticks and a BBQ Chicken pizza.
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Shall we get a seafood pizza for the kits?
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Sorry, I stepped out for a while. I thought I heard a bulldozer. (I was disconnected from the internet. )

Pepperone, sausage and mushroom with extra cheese and breadsticks with garlic dipping sauce.
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O.k. I'm calling........

*What? You don't deliver? Well, I'd like to place a carry out order then, please*

Looks like we are going to need to walk down to pick it up. Since Steph is still I thought it might be better if we all left. We could grab our flashlights, pick up our pizza and have a night time beach pizza party. We could even start a bonfire on the beach.

Hope we don't run into ghost crabs
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What a great idea, Chris!! Sounds like fun!
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I'll go pick up the drinks. Root beer and what else? (As if I have to ask... )
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Sounds like fun.
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I know Tina and I want beer!
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Here's some money. If you guys take care of getting the beer, I'll head down and get the fire started!
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Did you say beer? Give me the money!
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Here you go! Make sure you at least give me some pale stuff. I don't like dark beer!
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Are we drinking again?
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I wouldn't exactly call it "drinking" We are just having a beer with friends. Tina and Jan are going - so put your order in.
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Eh I'll be a stick in the mud and just have water.
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Wanna help me build the bonfire, Ari?
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Sure! But if I get splinters... I'm blaming you!
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Here Chris and Ari, I'll help you with the bonfire.
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Beer here!
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You're the one that said you were a STICK in the mud. That's why I invited you to help.

O.K. - I think we've about got it!!!!

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Good, i'm glad someone will help supervise Chris and the bonfire. (I think she's already been into Steph's liquor cabinet. )

Ari, I'm also getting root beer. Want some?

okay Tina, let's go. heck, why walk, we've got the cat bus!

( And i have a shift key that is sticking! )
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Here's your water, Ari.
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Woohoo!! Cheers everyone!

That's a great bonfire!!
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Where's the pizza? Who's got the pizza????
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Here it is!!!! (Use your imagination, i don;t have a pizza pic!)
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*looks around*

Piper!! I know you love food, but did you have to take the pizzas??!! Bring those back over here. Yes you can keep the seafood one for you and your friends, the rest of them are for your meowmies.
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Hurry up and grab a beer, i thinnk Tina drank most of a 6-pack ont he way back.
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