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Just to clarify for everyone tho... I had 2 SoCo & Lime shots and 1 Blackhaus & Cranberry... I'm buzzed but FAR from drunk and I could even drive if I really had to... but, I usually pretend to be a lot more drunk than I am just to make everyone laugh and to get Adrian to come out and take me home because I wont let Lyndon or Jimmy drive my car... LoL I'm a slick one!
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He better come quick. You don't look so well.....
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*listens to Liza* Oh...Okay...Are you sure? I can't drive, but we could wait.
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noooooooo siwwwy girllll... I jussssss fiinneeeeee :hic: LoL JK
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I know! We could call a cab. *looks at watch* My babies are most likely worried about me.
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No, but seriously... I'm okay but we'll wait for Adrian, anyway... I'd rather let him drive us back to the Plaza... besides I wanna curl up next to him and go to sleep...
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Look!!! I see him!!! "HI BEBEE!!!!" "Come on, Jenny! Let's go!!"
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"Adrian, I know I'm a little buzzed but I love you!! " "I know, mama... come on, let's get you to bed..."

"Wait, Adri, I want you to meet my friend, Jenny! Jenny, this is Adrian..."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Jenny"
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I see him too! *jumps in* Okay, Liza!

*jumps in the backseat*
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*turns to Adrain*

Hello there. Its wonderful to meet you too.

Liza, is this your husband...or boyfriend?
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He's my best friend... but I'm in love with him...
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But, anyway... It's a really long story for another time... Let's just get back to the Hotel and go to sleep....

Here we are...

I'm going to bed, Jenny! I hope you had fun at the club... G'night
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Originally Posted by Malakai711
He's my best friend... but I'm in love with him...

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I certainly did, Liza! Night! See you all in the morning.
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*Jan awakes to a strange cat like yodel coming from the bathroom...*

Yep, it sounds like the tequila and catnip binge with Milky is taking its toll on Jasper.

Meowmy's coming Baby Boy.
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Oh no! Poor thing!
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Ari, he has only himself to blame.

There, there. Are you finished, Baby Boy? Let me wipe your face with a cool cloth. Now, have a sip of water. No, the tap water is fine. You don't need the Perrier in the snack bar!
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Yes you're right! I hope he learned a lesson!
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Liza? You were a fantastic host! Jasper and I had so much fun.

Are you feeling better, Baby Boy? Good, because we are supposed to be heading south to visit Stephanie and Sierra. Yes, Sierra with her beauty mark.

I think I'll order room service and we'll have breakfast in our room - just in case your tummmy is still queasy.

Hello, Room Service? Chocolate croissants for me and some dry kibble for Jasper, please. Yes, Jasper, dry kibble. I don't want to upset your tummy.
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Morning all!
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Thank you so much for hosting us Liza!!! I had a blast!!!

Can't wait to visit Stephanie and Sierra!
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Oooh we're visiting Stephanie and Sierra today? Yay!
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can`t wait!!
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Jasper is feeling better and we are all packed so what say we get the Cat Bus on the road to North Carolina! (and warmer temperatures... )

"On the road again..."
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Yes, Jasper. Sierra lives by the beach so I am sure you will get to strut your stuff in your new thongs.
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Hey everyone... I just got back from taking Adrian and his brother shopping... I didnt get much sleep last night after a wild night at the club... I hope everyone enjoyed their visit to NY and you're all welcome back any time!! Have fun in North Carolina... I'm gonna go take a nap!
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Of course we enjoyed our time in NY. Enjoy your nap Liza!

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
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WE"RE HERE!!!! Beautiful and (virtually) warm Emerald isle, North Carolina!!! Yoo hoo! Stephanie!!!

Wow! What a gorgeous beachfront home - lots of room for all of us!

*KNock knock* Hmm, there's a message on the door.

"DEar, TCS'ers, I just got home and must sleep for tonight's shift. But come on in and help yourselves. Grab a room and enjoy our beach and sunshine. if you have any questions, Sierra will be glad to help. Stephanie. "

Shh, don't wake her up! jasper and i are going to head out to the beach and enjoy the warm water and sand. Come along, Jasper. Get out one of your new thongs!
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Hello, Sierra, ma petite! Join me in a stroll on the beach?
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Oooh I wanna take a walk along the beach!

Kitties get your togs on!
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