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Hi everyone. I had to leave the vacation for awhile. I'm sorry. I won't make you explain whats going on.

But, I brought Frapachinos to make it up to you all.

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Are we ready for the helicopter ride now, Liza?

Hi Jenny! We are in New York.
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Thank you Jenny!
Hope everything's okay?!
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Oh and yes Jenny, thanks for the frappe!
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Thanks Sam! But of course, Yayi & Sam! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I will send you a message about it, alright?
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Hi Jenny!

I think we're ready to go Sam!

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Oh Yes... Thank you for the Frappacino, Jenny... They are my favorite!!
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I hate take off! Somebody hold my hand? *eeek*
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Hi, my favorite too!

Aw, don't be afraid, Sam. Its my first helicopter flight, so I'll sit right next to you.
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Thanks Jenny!
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The Empire State Building...

Tribute in Lights to the World Trade Center
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Thanks Jenny!

Of course, Sam. That's what friends are for.

*looks down* What an amazing view!
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Awww so beautiful!
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The Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge
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Simply stunning! These views are indeed amazing aren't they!
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The Chyrsler Building on the right...

Yankee Stadium.... LET'S GO YANKEES!!!
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All those lights are breathtaking! I've never seen something like it in real life!

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I can't believe it. Views like that take my breath away.
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The Empire State Building...

The Brooklyn Bridge...

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Originally Posted by Malakai711

Yankee Stadium.... LET'S GO YANKEES!!!
By the way... That's Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on the bottom... and if you look up you'll see another stadium... That would be Shea... Home of the New York Mess... umm... I mean Mets...
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I know this is a random day picture but I just wanted to throw it in because it has some historical information... Legend has it that all the dirt they took out of the ground to build the World Trade Center was used to extend Manhattan island west. This is now called Battery Park City...

Battery Park is where the trees are by the water... oh and if you look to the right of the WTC you'll see a black building... That is 1 Liberty Plaza where my father works
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30 Rockefeller Center....

Times Square...
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Here is the 59th Street Bridge... Also known as the Queensboro Bridge... It connects Manhattan with Queens...

This is the view from Downtown facing Uptown...

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Beautiful! So many lights!

Oh dear, I must leave to take care of some home repairs.

Liza, if I can't come back later, I want to thank you for being a great host. New York City is really grand! You are so lucky to live there.

Bye, everyone!
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Bye Yayi!

I hope to see you soon.
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Uh oh Yayi jumped out of the helicopter... It's a good thing she had on a parachute... LoL JK You're welcome yayi.. I'm glad you had a good time!! Maybe someday you'll be able to see all the sights in person!
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Here are a couple more pictures of the city... (These and the ones above were actually taken from the Empire State building...)

And this is the Chrysler Building...

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