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Alright everyone! We need to put some clothes on... We are in Saint Patricks Cathedral... Shhhh.... LoL
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Next stop Rockefeller Center!!

THE GE BUILDING (formerly the RCA Building)
(between 49th and 50th Streets, the Avenue of the Americas and Fifth Avenue)
Erected: 1932 - 1940

Rockefeller Center is an art deco marvel consisting of 19 commercial buildings covering 11 acres in midtown Manhattan from 49th to 52nd Streets, Fifth to Seventh Avenues. Named after the multi-millionaire, John D. Rockefeller, who leased the space from Columbia University in 1928. Originally occupied by tenements and theaters, Rockefeller planned to revitalize the area with 3 huge office buildings and a new Metropolitan Opera House.
The stock market crash of 1929 helped scrap the original plans but Rockefeller still wanted a commercial district.Hiring 3 architecture firms and a consulting firm, ground was broken on the Rockefeller Center we see today in late 1929.
30 Rockefeller Plaza was the largest and first built. It is the centerpiece and probably best known building. It is also is the most public of the buildings and two of the most popular tourist attractions reside here. Completed in 1934, 30 Rockefeller Plaza became the RCA headquarters. General Electric's initials now brighten the rooftop of the home of NBC.
As you can see from this view from the Empire State Building, the 70-story building still towers over its modern competitors.

The NBC Studio Tour, lets you see where popular shows like Saturday Night Live, Late Night With Conan O'Brien and NBC News are taped.
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Originally Posted by Malakai711
Rigel... you need to learn how to push people out of the way... that's how we do it in NY! LoL MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!
Copy that!
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Alright, there's plenty of places to explore on 5th Avenue... We'll save the Empire State Building for tomorrow on our way downtown!.. (I'll be back in a little bit... Have fun!)
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Jasper, I don't think we have time to ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza. We have a lot to see yet!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Jasper, I don't think we have time to ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza. We have a lot to see yet!
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WOW, you guys! Have you ever had a busy morning! It's taken me eons just to skim it all Liza, loved the wax museum, and manged to grab a bite to eat at the deli on the way by -- YUM! This is a grand tour of NYC! (I'll be around for a few more minutes, but having a pretty full day, so not for too long )
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Originally Posted by Malakai711
Ufff my backpack is too heavy,,,,
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Rigel, what did you buy?

Oooh we went to the NBC Studios? That's like the holy grail of TV!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat

Liza can I buy this like a souvenir of NY Wax Museum? .. ...
Maybe this can be a good response at your question Ari! ...
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Maybe this can be a good response at your question Ari! ...
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
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Hey everyone! I'm back from Saks and I think I've successfully put myself in more debt than I was already in... Who's up for dinner??
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I thought it would be fun to go to The Jekyll and Hyde Club on 6th Avenue between 57th and 58th Streets for dinner... It's walking distance from where we are right now on 5th Avenue and we can walk right back to the Plaza which is on 5th Ave and Central Park South when we're ready to call it a night!

The Story
Dr. Jekyll assembled many unusual friends, souvenirs and artifacts in his quest to rid himself of Mr. Hyde. They all come together for your entertainment at the Jekyll and Hyde Club, a meeting place for explorers, scientists and those curious souls who dare to venture inside. Come and see this unique collection of oddities, but keep in mind... some have a life of their own and Anything Can Happen at The Jekyll and Hyde Club!!!

The Club History
Idealist, philanthropist, man of science, Dr. Henry Jekyll was all that and more. His lifetime was spent in service to society and culminated in the good doctor's greatest, and some would say tragic, experiment. Dr. Henry Jekyll was always fascinated by man's two separate natures: good and evil. Using himself as a test subject, he performed bizarre experiments, attempting to control humanity's darker side. Unfortunately, he was seduced by his own malignant nature and on many occasions transformed into a diabolical mad man whom he later named Hyde.
In 1931, Dr. Jekyll fled London and traveled to New York City, a city filled with outcasts and wanderers. Continuing his research in the hope of finding a way to rid himself of Hyde, Jekyll formed a close circle of advisors and allies and together they founded the Jekyll & Hyde Club. It soon became a social meeting place for explorers, philosophers, biologists, and other daring men and women whose exploits into science and adventure we deemed too unorthodox by their colleagues in accepted society. Nevertheless, these visionaries shared a common goal, to understand the darker nature within us all.

Jekyll and his compatriots have filled the club with artifacts and trophies from their numerous amazing adventures. Their histories are summarized on plaques throughout the club. Come visit his very entertaining compatriots strolling in and about the club such as Dr. Sawyer Bones, Ivanta Hacketoff, Colonel Cary Clark, Major Michael magoo, Phillip Andrew Edward Carrington IV, Professor Pricilla Prank, Tippy Toppingsworth, or Ariel Boatsman.

Or witness the bizarre and eccentric characters that spring to life to interact with club visitors. These characters include insecure and somewhat bumbling Zeus; Sidney Femur and Marty Patella as the "Funny Bones" the original vaudeville act at the club back in 1931; Tobias Bloodworth, a friendly werewolf who gets everyone howling along; Sphinx, one of the grooviest of all the characters, brought to the club directly from Egypt by one of the club's explorers; and Fang, a gargoyle from Transylvania and a guardian of the Nether World. These main characters are complimented by a host of other interesting and "of course" deceased characters that come to life at the most unpredictable times.

The modern day Jekyll & Hyde Club is now open to the public. If you are not faint of heart, come mingle with our cast of characters and enjoy a brave new food and entertainment adventure awaiting your arrival.

The Club is separated into Four Floors...

The Grand Salon
Originally the only public room in the club, where members could bring their guests to experience the unique atmosphere that is Jekyll and Hyde. It houses a collection of rare artifacts and antiquities brought back from the four corners of the globe. All manner of mystic rituals and extraordinary ceremonies take place in this sumptaous hall.

The Library
This chamber, lined with endless volumes of arcane secrets, is the spot where members gather to ponder the mysteries of the unknown, surrounded by marble busts of legendary writers and visionaries. As the portraits of some of our most esteemed club members look on, a few privileged guests may take part in an eerie seance and contact spirits from the great beyond.

The Laboratory
Stare in disbelief at eh horrifying remains of experiments gone bad! Gaze in awe at an elaborate collection of working scientific memorabilia! Exotic experiments are always taking place as guests enter this grisly workshop where club members challenge the boundaries of science and nature.

The Attic
Do you dare to venture up to where nightmares are stored? In this spooky repository, cursed relics, forgotten treasures and the mysteries of history all wait to be catalogued by our Club Curator, while fiendish creatures lurk in the shadows behind every box and crate. A terrifyingly unique experience awaits only the bravest of souls. But to lighten the spine-chilling mood, those crooning cadavers, The Funny Bones, are on hand to raise spirits as they cavort in their creepy cabaret.
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I need to read back to catch up, but the club sounds like loads of fun!
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Hey Chris! I'm waiting for everyone to get back from shopping.. it's getting late and I bet everyone is gonna be starved when they get here... Would you like to order something to munch on while we wait for everyone else??
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I'd really love to but I need to go upstairs and get some things ready for work tomorrow.
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I'm here... for a bit anyways! Food time again?
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
I'm here... for a bit anyways! Food time again?
LoL We're actually eating Dinner kinda late...we had lunch around 1:30...
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This is another HI AND BYE [sigh]

The club looks really neat, but I'm going to have to catch up later -- I could sure handle some dinner, but only have a few minutes right now. Guess it'll be room service back at the hotel!

See ya later.
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Liza, this gang is always ready for food!!!

Jasper wants to know if he should wear some "bling-bling" when we go clubbing tonight?
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Oooh Baylee wants to see Jasper in his bling!
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Don't encourage him, Baylee! He bought enough "bling" to out shine any rapper!
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I dont know about you guys but, I'm beat! We've been running around the City since 8am... How bout we save the clubbin for tomorrow night! Jasper can show off his bling at Mi Gente! It's a good thing we know the bouncers there... Otherwise, someone might try to rough him up for it! LoL

What do you guys say to heading back to the hotel??
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Sounds like a good idea, Liza. We have walked a bit today! (Thank goodness it was virtual!! )

Anyway, Jasper is wanting to get to the hotel and try on his thongs. And I am getting a wee bit sleepy...
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BTW, anyone who would try and rough up Jasper may regret it...
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Yeah we have walked quite a bit! I bet you're all glad you packed your walking sneakers! I get the feeling I might be carrying Malakai around tomorrow cuz he's a whiny baby about walking...

Anyway... Off to the Plaza!!

The Plaza Hotel is a New York legend, located at the most prestigious address of 5th Avenue and Central Park South. The very name of this establishment is synonymous with class since it first opened its doors in 1907, the Plaza has upheld its impeccable reputation and remained the premier choice of the sophisticated, knowledgeable traveler. Constructed with all the pomp, glory, and opulence of a French chateau, the Plaza is exquisitely decorated, with remarkable elegance and beauty in each meticulous detail.

Each of the Plaza's 805 rooms is luxuriously appointed and equipped with all the modern amenities today's discriminating traveler has come to expect. Extra special touches include original chandeliers, custom fretted beds and bath linens, and a breathtaking en suite bath with fluffy heated towels. Business travelers will find at their disposition a host of well equipped meeting rooms in varying capacities and configurations. The Plaza's four in house restaurants cater to the different tastes and moods of their sophisticated clientele, and its top of the line security allows it to host its very own Art Gallery and such first class boutiques as Roxanne Jewelers, Neuchatel Chocolates, Oscar Blandi Salon, Maurice, Bellisima, Napoleon Men's Shop, and the Plaza Spa. Guests will also love the convenience of an on site barber shop, a florist, and a gift shop and newsstand featuring periodicals from all over the world.

Make your next stay in New York a visit to remember by sharing the set of some of our most beloved classic movies: By Right Of Purchase, No Limit, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Way We Were, North By Northwest, and Annie. Others who have called The Plaza home include architect Frank Lloyd Wright and author F. Scott Fitzgerald, as well as numerous Kings, Presidents, Ambassadors, and stars of stage, screen and sports. Put yourself in a place where the pampering never stops, and the glitz and glamour of the Big Apple is always close at hand. The Plaza Hotel is a true NYC classic, only minutes to fine dining, shopping, and entertainment venues.

Make yourselves comfortable!! Any suggestions for breakfast in the morning?? or is everyone gonna opt for room service??...
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Anyplace that has fresh baked croissants has my business!

Oooooh, heated bath towels... I may never go home.
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Malakai, say goodnight to Rosie... You'll see her in the morning... NO! You are absolutely not getting a separate room!

But Mommy??

NO! Malakai! Get in here Young Man!

Okay.... Goodnight Rosie
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