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And let the Vacation begin...... - Page 212  

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Naughty girl Lily!
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Ok FLAT Cats - on the bus now.

You be good whilst Mommy goes to wash off this sand (better go for a bath as I have to go to work tomorrow )
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Awww see you later Beth!

I'm off now too - gotta go to college! Catch you up!
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Here we go! Told you it would be a fast trip

Don't you think the dunes look different here ?

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Anyone for Hang Gliding off the dunes?

What about a Dune Ride?

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Hang gliding - hmmm - I think I'll watch how YOU do it Chris . I'll keep my feet on the floor thanks.

Dune Ride - that's more like it - I'm in the mood for a bit of a spin after looking at the Brickyard - get me ready for F1 next weekend. Can I drive *puts racing driver's gloves and goggles on*
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Slow down speed demon! These things don't have safety belts.
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*Takes the corner on two wheels*

"What's that Chris? I'm just getting up to speed. Hold on to those hats and glasses folks" oops too much Thunder Mountain Railroad methinks
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Oh stop it please before I throw up!
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Alright I need to take over so we can get back down to Lafayette tonight on a really quick town of my hometown.
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Hi Elizabeth - or is it Edie?

Hiya Beth (like 5 hours late)! I went back to sleep .
It's Eddie, spelled like a boy (a nickname since age 10), but Elizabeth was easier for the site, so they didn't Sam and I were twin boys.
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Hop on the bus everyone!!!

(There's a clip at the bottom of the site if you want to hear the song)


I’m goin’ back to Indiana
Back to where I started from
Goin’ back to Indiana
Indiana here I come

I spread my wings for greener pastures
I still ain’t found what I was after
I’ve got the blues and that is why I sing
I just wanna do my thing, yeah

I’m goin’ back to Indiana
Indiana, here I come, yeah, yeah
I’m goin’ back to Indiana
’cause that’s where my baby’s from
Yeah, okay Tito you got it

I’m goin’ back to Indiana
Indiana, here I come
I’m goin’ back to Indiana
’cause that’s where my baby’s from, yeah

Hollywood you got a lot of pretty things
I saw a lot of movies stars with diamonds rings
But I ain’t got my baby and I’m feeling wrong
That’s why I got to sing my song

I’m goin’ back to Indiana
Indiana, here I come
I’m goin’ back to Indiana
’cause that’s where my baby’s from, yeah

I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’
I’m home, yeah

Ha ha Sis Boom Bah
One more time for Roosevelt High
Johny Ray, Tex, Scooter and Lorenzo too
Watch T W Brown do the boogaloo
Ev’ry soul that passes by
This song is for you from the Jackson 5
I’m comin home It’s plain to see
I still got Indiana soul in me

I’m goin’ back to Indiana
Indiana, here I come
I’m goin’ back to Indiana
’cause that’s where my baby’s from, yeah
That’s where she is, yeah yeah yeah
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Yay!! We're off to Chris' town.

Hi Eddie and Ari.
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Come on kits, let's get on the bus.
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This is a very nice Sunday drive, I finally have had time to catch up!!
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Hey everyone... are we singing "The Wheels on the Bus" again?
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O.K. we are pulling into Lafayette (fast bus, huh). At any time, I can set off a siren to wake you up if you fall asleep on this tour.

We're switching buses now and taking the free bus trolley around town. Notice the flowers - it's warmer than I thought here

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The dunes and the Indy 500 are great! Sorry I missed the fun <sigh> .
No need for the siren Chris, the day is starting here so I'm ready to go!
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Oooh pretty flowers! What, is it springtime here?
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At least you're fired up Yayi! I'm exhausted. I hope Miss Susie's family is well and she's able to share more of her Cleveland with us tomorrow night or soon. I saw Megan's post so she probably will not be around tomorrow to host.
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Hi, Ari!

Indiana's weather is never the same for any length of time. I wouldn't be surprised to see snow in the matter of a few hours
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Morning Yayi

Nice to see they timed the flowers blooming for our visit - that's awesome organisation on your part Chris
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Second that! Those lavender petunias are wonderful, Chris. We can't get them here until at least late May.
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I think we'll first drop off your luggage on where you will be staying tonight - A Bed and Breakfast near the State Soldiers Home on the west side called the Commodant's Home

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Morning Beth!

Chris, what a cool place to spend the night! Is the Commodant's home like those Southern mansions of the old cotton plantations?
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Oh - beautiful house and so many lovely trees. I love a garden with trees - Eddie you're so lucky you know.
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Wow, cool place.
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It is like a southern mansion. I think they will probably whip you up a hearty breakfast in the morning. Did everyone pick a room?
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