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Jasper - you're brilliant , a bulldozer WOW

What was that Lily?

Just telling Japser how the internet went down and we were cybered back to England

Yep - that's right, I just kicked the router and we were back up and running again

Hey - Jasper - they'll never notice 3 less kitties will they????
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Sounds like the kits are really looking forward to the Dunes!

We've arrived at the Speedway. Everyone put your earplugs in! It's LOUD here!

Here's the official website
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Wow!!!! Perfect preparation for the start of the F1 season next week - yes this freak will be up in the middle of the night to watch the race live from Australia.

Mmmm I see the track is conveniently located near to the airport - I just said to hubby I wonder whether the US Grand Prix in June will be my first live GP - he just rolled his eyes . Guess not then.
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The Indy 500 is held the Sunday before Memorial Day here - last Sunday in May. You guys should just hop on over. I would even go with you. I have never been. Hubby has gone though.
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Wouldn't that be great! Know what I'll be doing that weekend - keeping my stressed out daughter on the planet while she prepares for her pre-university final exams (A'Levels we call them) that week.
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Are we ready to go to the Dunes, kits?????

Everyone on the bus! We will play there for a few hours (so the host can gather information on Lafayette, get a bath and run some errands).
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Yep - the FLAT cats are ready (Felicity, Lily, Adelaide, Tippy)

Hey - sisters want to come play with me in the sand?

That's nice Lily - good girl, inviting your sisters to play.

Yeah girls - Jasper's coming as well it'll be fun
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Lily? I like you!!

Hmm, Jasper and Lily have been whispering back and forth a lot, lately...

I haven't been to the Indy 500 either. We always enjoyed it from the comfort of our living room. My niece's husband (before they got married) bought a house just a few blocks from one of the back entrances. He was a steady visitor to the Indy 500. After they got married, friends would come and park at their house. After my great niece was born, my niece stayed home and took in money for letting folks park in their yard! (They moved about 10 years ago.)

Okay, Jasper. Let's make sure we have everything ready. Towels? Your thong? Pail and shovel?
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What's this? A receipt from Bulldozers R' Us?!?!?!
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Lily will definitely need suncreen with that fur and Meggie and Mama need it too since they don't have much fur on their ears. Does Jasper have his sunglasses?
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Jasper - you're brilliant. You know what - my sisters are so dumb and I'm so fast it's GREAT! When they're not looking you can rush up and poke their butts and rush away again - you know they never figure out what did it

Before I came along they were the FAT cats Much more appropriate if you ask me.

Bulldozers 'R Us??? Wasn't me. What can that be for?

The nearest I got to an F1 grand prix was walking the Monaco circuit a couple of weeks after the race. I got photos of the start/finish line; they still had all the tyre tracks on the road and the kerbs painted red/white. It was quite something walking the circuit. We drove it in the hire car later as well - took us a bit longer than they do it though

Ok kitties - ready for the sand?
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Jasper, you behave while I sit and read. Here, Lily, you take his pail and shovel while I get his sunglasses out.

(Time for me to get breakfast for me and mom! I'll catch up when I can.)
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Come on Jasper - I've got the bucket and spade; let's round up the victims (ahem) I mean my sisters.

See you later mum - Jasper and me are going to play

Ok - be good. Don't go out of sight. I'm just going to round up some drinks whilst you play.
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OH! I guess we are here already
(Sorry I was out surfing for info)

Here we are at the Indiana Dunes - We will travel down the road a little bit in about 3-4 hours and also go to Warren Dunes (It's across the border in Michigan but don't tell anyone). Ah, I like it here. Much warmer than Lafayette right now

If you are feeling fit- Climb Mt Baldy!

I'm just going to veg out. Enjoy the heat of the sun and the drone of the waves. I believe I will take a nap for a few hours before we head to Warren Dunes and back to Lafayette. Have fun! Make sure to keep your sunblock on and be careful of the jet skis please!

................................................................................ ..................................................
The dunes are "living sands" and continue to move. Here's some information I found on it

On windy days you can place an obstacle on the beach and watch a miniature dune form behind it. The process is more apparent on some dunes. Mt. Baldy is a "live" dune that marram grass and cottonwood trees cannot hold in place. Mt. Baldy's dynamics become evident if you view it today, next month, and next year.
Perhaps the "singing sands" have caught your ear. The sands of Indiana Dunes have a special quality that makes music for those who listen. Walk along the shore and listen for an unusual sound as you stride just above the water's edge. The combination of quartz crystals, moisture, pressure, and friction from your feet creates a musical tone-a clear ringing sound of singing sand. Only a few beaches worldwide are known to sing with this same tone
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oh yeah!!! I like this place a LOT. I didn't even know Indiana had a beach <duh>. Chris, can we house swap??
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Originally Posted by gemlady
What's this? A receipt from Bulldozers R' Us?!?!?!

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Oh, my house is about an hour and 45 mins south of "the beach" Believe me, there is not very much "beach" in Indiana - just the small portion that is on Lake Michigan
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I hope Jan gets back soon. I'm looking forward to seeing that Jasper and his famous thong.
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Well, it's very captivating, I assure you. When we went up to see the whales up here, the Indians were stunned.....never seen such a thing!
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Shouldn't be a problem here.... Remember Chicago is close by. I don't think anything will shock them.
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Are you sure??? You might want to revise that after TCS have visited!

I think Jasper and Lily were going off to dig? Don't know why they were smirking though
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Hi Elizabeth - or is it Edie?
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Good morning all!
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Morning/evening Sam
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Hi Beth!
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Hi, Sam! We are about to pack up the kits for another fun-filled adventure at Warren Dunes down the road. Everyone get your sandbuckets and towels and load the bus.

Lizbeth - no complaining! Yes you can swim there, too!!! We are just showing them how different the dunes are in Michigan compared to Indiana.

Where's Lily?
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I can see Lily and Jasper - but where are my other kits; and why do these two look so pleased with themselves?

"Tippy, Fliss, Addie - time to go sweeties - where are you?"
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Oh I hope they didn't bury them in the sand. My cousin did that to his brother at the dunes once. My aunt was soooo mad.
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Hiya Chris!

Oooh that sounds like fun!
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I bet they did you know Chris....ahhh here they come

3 very dusty kits approach *shake sand all over us*

"Oh girls - now look, the sand has stuck to the suncream eeeewwwww. Where have you been"

*sneeze* Lily was playing digging with us *sneeze* *shake*

Oh that's nice


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