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Oh Tina - look!!! An original Van Gogh!

This is what I'm buying today! Wait a minute.... I don't remember a kitty in that painting.
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LOL that's cute!
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I hate to spoil the fun, but I need to turn in soon. Let me show you where we are staying this evening. It's downtown at Union Station.

Here are your hotel rooms for the night. I've reserved all the train cars for us.

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Have a good night, Tina!!! Thanks for stopping by!
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Goodnight, Chris
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Indianapolis is a beautiful city Chris!
Sorry to hear Susie's having an emergency. I hope things get better soon.
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Tina, I like that "cat and moon" silver pendant. Very cute!
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Yay! I was off all week, but now I'm back on the intrenet, and I can be with you guys! Could someone give me a quick update? I can see that you all are turning in, unless some of you are staying awake?
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Well Jenny, we've been to Jan's in Evansville, Indiana. She took us also to Kentucky. She hosted for 3 days. Lenaorie (Summer) was suppose to host but something must have happened. Then Susie (kittylover4ever) brought us to her home in Ohio, but she had an emergency so Chris (captiva) is taking over. We are now in Indianapolis.
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Oh no.... Its too bad she couldn't host, but worst of all, what's wrong?!?! Is she alright? Oh no!
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Susie's OK, Jenny. It's her sister-in-law's father (if I remember correctly) who was taken to hospital. Susie is looking after her nephew. And on that note, a few more good vibes and prayers for all concerned...

Well, I'm caught up again, but falling asleep , so see y'all tomorrow.
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The hotel rooms look great!

Good evening everybody!
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Hello all. It's just alittle after 6 in the morning here. Chris, thanks for doing such a great job taking over.

My sister in law's father is in stable condition. He had been having chest pains, and they have determined that he needs surgery. He has a blockage. They are going to do it tomorrow, but she wants to be with him today, so I am off back over there in a couple of hours. Being that I work M-F, it's the least I can do for her. I don't know who she'll get tomorrow.

Hey, can I ask a favor of one of you? Can any of you do my "Questions for the week" today? I just don't have time to sit here and do them this morning. I have to finish up our laundry, stuff like that before I go. I sure would appreciate it!

Have fun in Indiana! Where does the vacation go from Chris's?

See you all later.........I"ll try to pop in from time to time today. 2 year olds have WAY too much energy!
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Thank you for this update on your Sister-in-Law's father. Boy, I'm so sorry she's having to deal with this, it must be so tough on all of you. You're so great to offer to help out, Susie! Take special care of yourself today, too!
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Thanks Steph......my poor sister in law lost her mother 2 weeks before her wedding 5 years ago, so I sure hope her dad is ok. He's tough. I"m sure he will be.

Did I hear you say you'd do the 20 questions Stephanie????
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I've got another 1 1/2 hours to go here, I'll mess around with these questions, but know they won't compare to yours, Susie!

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Oi! Sorry I couldn't be on the last two days. I was soooooo busy with the lapidary (gem) society. We sold at a Craft Show on Saturday (you saw the back of me on the 10PM news - my best side ) and when we got home yesterday, mom and I crashed.

Have fun with the nephew Susie. I hope Jasper behaved himself at your winter cottage.

Chris -great job with our state capital. I haven't been there in years. And Amie can sing "BAck Home Again"? And she isn't even a native. Guess she's been watching the Indy 500 broadcasts where they sing it before it starts.

Darn, missed the opportunity for a timely comeback when Susie showed us the crockpots of soup. *...as the crackpots head to the crockpots..."

Chris? Have you been practicing your makeup skills on Mama? I love her facial markings!
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Mama thanks you from the bottom of her little kitty heart.

Susie - I'm sorry that your SIL father needs surgery, but it's good that they caught it in time. Good thing Auntie Susie is nearby so they at least don't have to worry about that today!

Today, everyone needs to stumble out of their train cars, find some breakfast and we will end our quick whirlwind tour of Indy - I want to show you the Speedway at least before we go. Then we are going to hop on the bus. I think we'll pass Lafayette and go up to the Dunes first (and pretend it's summer) and then drive back down to my hometown ( that rhymes!)
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*Yawn* *Stretch* Morning Chris. That hotel room was STUNNING! Good choice.

Come on kits - let's see what brekkie we can find
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Jasper, calm down.. We are only going to visit the Speedway. We will not have the time for a "Kitty-anapolis 500" (feet, that is...). So repack your driver's suit and helmet. We will be heading up to the dunes... All that sand...

No - not that kind of sand! Yes, you can wear your thong...
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Good Morning, Beth!

*Chris flashes a big smile with black crap all over her teeth*

I carry my breakfast everywhere I go. You are more than welcome to join us in our power breakfast!

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Oh Jan! I never thought about that! You think the kits will think it's a gigantic litterbox???
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Is that an OREO!!!! When I'm in the US I make sure I stock up on Oreo Double Creams mmmmm. Your brekkie looks better than anything I was thinking of - I think I just might join you.

Then off to the Indy Speedway YAY!!!! You've got a motor racing fan (freak) here!
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LOL Chris! I just ate a couple of fudge-strip shortbread cookies to hold me until mom wakes up!
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Originally Posted by captiva
Oh Jan! I never thought about that! You think the kits will think it's a gigantic litterbox???
No Lily - don't even think of it - she could dig & bury for England that one
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Beth, don't get too eager when we get to the "Brickyard" and kiss the pavement!
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There is a lot of sand at the dunes.
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Not without checking for traffic first LOL!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
There is a lot of sand at the dunes.
Ok Lily - you can have a little dig - but don't bury your sisters

" Awww Mum...."

"No - your sisters must stay uncovered or no digging!"

ok mum
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I wonder how big they make pooper scoopers...

Jasper, please share your pail and shovel with Lily when we get to the dunes.

Psst, Lily! Wait'll we get to the dunes and we can rent a bulldozer!

Jasper? What was that you said?

I was just telling Lily I had an extra shovel.
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