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Thanks Sam

Chris how did Indiana get it's name?
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So pretty Chris. I could spend hours by the water.
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Indiana really looks like a lovely place!
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I don't know Some host I am ! If I were to guess it was because of the native americans that lived here. Speaking of that we are nearby the Eiteljorg Museum. It's a large museum of Indian artifacts

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Sorry - I meant Susan!!!
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Well I'm off for the day - hopefully I'll be back in time for dinner!

See you all later!
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How fascinating Chris. I love Native American art.
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The official museum site is at:

www.eiteljorg.org It's probably a better tour.

I need to drop over to visit a friend who's not feeling well and take her some dinner. I will be back in about 2-3 hours and we will continue. Have the boys drive you over to the Zoo and White River Gardens when you are done here. It's a great zoo!!!! There's currently a Seahorse exhibit going on there, too!!!

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You've left us plenty to see and do.

Lovely you - taking care of your friend. Drive carefully. We'll see you later
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Hi all -- hope your friend is feeling better, Chris. And Susie, sorry to hear about your sister-in-law's father. Didn't he has some medical emergency not too long ago? I hope this turns out not to be serious -- she's fortunate, though, to be able to call on you to look after the little guy.

Plenty of activites set up for us, Chris -- and on short notice, too! That's great. Now that I'm a little caught up, I need to head out for a while, but I'll be back.
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I'm back!

Drats! I missed Fran! See you later, Fran!

That took less time than I thought! I'm get faster everyday with that makeup/bath stuff. If you don't believe me, just check out page 512!
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Now, I'm ready for the rest of the Indy trip! I've poured myself a rum and coke from the bus bar and have it in hand. Where is everyone? Are you at the zoo or the gardens?
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Here's a website with someone's personal photos of the White River Gardens - quite lovely!

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Went to the Zoo - but as you mentioned the gardens I had to take a quick detour and Wow!!! Butterflies. My dad used to breed butterflies and moths when I was growing up.
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Checked out your make-up on page 512 - very impressive Chris
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Well, we will travel on and hopefully others will meet up along the way. We are heading into the heart of downtown Inpls. Monument Circle.

This is a shot at Christmas

Here is what it look like during the day (without the lights)

Here's a history of the monument:

At the very center of Indianapolis is the "State Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument" (1902), designed by Bruno Schmitz (1858-1916), Germany's foremost architect of national monuments. Completed in 1901, the Monument appears to be Schmitz's only commission outside of Germany and Switzerland. Most of the bronze and stone sculptures on the Monument were designed, executed and manufactured by Germans. The limestone sculptures are the work of Vienna-born sculptor Rudolf Schwarz (1866-1912). The bronze Army Astragal sculptural band above the monument base was designed by Nicolaus Geiger (1849-1897) of Berlin. The Astragal and the eight candelabra were manufactured in Berlin. The State Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument was dedicated in 1902 to Indiana's heroes who died in wars before World War I. Erected as a memorial to the soldiers and sailors of the War for the Union (1861-65), it also commemorates the War with Mexico (1846-48), Indian and British Wars (1811-12), War of the Revolution and the capture of Vincennes from the British on February 25, 1779. The Monument rises from a circular plaza, 342 feet in diameter, where once stood the governor's house--but where no governor ever lived. At the lower level of the Monument is a Civil War exhibit.
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So beautiful Chris - it must look really lovely up close at Christmas.
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Not far from the circle is the Scottish Rite Cathedral. It's huge!!!!!

Another view:

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That's a very impressive building.
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That is an impressive building for Indiana. It takes up an entire city block if I remember correctly.

Here's a couple of views of the Indiana State Capitol Building

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Indy is such a beautiful city Chris - I'm so glad I came along to see it. The State Capitol Building is lovely and so many trees - it's so good to see greenery in cities.

Adelaide is getting excited - she knows McKenzie lives nearby - she's just popped her head around the door to say hello!
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McKenzie says hello Addie!!!!
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Oh - she just blushed and went all hopeless - she's cleared off now to see if she can steal some of Lily's kitten food whilst nobody's looking.
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Hi I'm here
Gordo go say Hi to George
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Hi Tina

You're just in time to see Chris' beautiful city!
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Hello, Tina!!!! Hello Gordo sweetie! George has been waiting for another boy to show up!
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Chris, Indy is beautiful.

Hi Beth
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Like with any city, though, not all of it is beautiful. Since we are in the Heartland of the US, people here like their beef. Here's where you get the best steaks in town. Anyone hungry?

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Me! Me! Me!
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oooh yum - that looks good. Sadly, I'm going to have to pass on this one - time for beddy-byes for this gal and her crew.

Have a great dinner and enjoy the rest of the city. Behave yourselves whilst I'm gone and I'll catch up with you tomorrow

Night-night Tina, Chris and any other vacation pals lurking out there.
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