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Coke with rum - these plane journeys just get better and better

*Presses buzzer*
"Miss - not too heavy on the coke now please"
don't want to overdo it!
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That is a very good question! I think we just need to take the cat bus around to points of interest. Tonight if we are not needed back in Cleveland, we will be staying downtown at Union Station (old train station) which was renovated and now houses a hotel. Inside a section of the hotel are actual train cars that are hotel rooms. I've been lucky enough to reserve them all for us!!!

For those of you oustide the US. Indianapolis is the state capital and is in the dead center of the state. It's population is about 1.5 million people.

Lafayette where we will tour later is my hometown and is about an hour away northwest (where 231 and 65 roads meet on this map)
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LOL Beth!

Wow population of 1.5million, it's funny to think that in our country we only have four million and in a tiny little part of yours you have 1.5! *YIKES*
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There you are! Have you been hiding in the cargo section!
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So thoughtful to reserve the hotel Chris. Holiday Inn in Chattanooga is like that - I didn't get to stay in one of the Cabooses though.
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Um Beth... I think Lily is up there bothering the pilot. I didn't even see her go by!
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*passes Sam a glass*

"here Sam - have another of these special Cokes - you won't mind how many there are then"
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Second thoughts Lily - go back to beating Flissy up - you're less trouble that way.

Sheesh - should have called her Speedy Gonzales.
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I think we will be landing in about 20 minutes or so. Try to stay out of trouble until then!
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It's ok - tea's arrived. That should keep everyone out of trouble. Anyone want some Mushroom Curry & Rice?
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That sounds yummy!

Looks like we are arriving a bit ahead of schedule. Everyone in their seats!
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That sounds yummy, Beth!
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The drivers have called and they are having some trouble with the cat bus.

It appears to be stuck in traffic! (I think it will be fixed and ready in the amount of time it takes me to make a pie-imagine that).

Can you guys snoop around the airport until then?

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no probs. Come on kits - there must be a perfume shop somewhere.
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Back home again in Indiana
And I think that I can see
The gleaming candle-light
Still shining bright
'Neath the sycamores for me.

The new-mown hay
Sends out its fragrance
'Cross the fields I used to know.

When I think about the moon-light on the Wabash
Then I long for my Indiana home.
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Stop it! You're making me weep! I bet SOMEONE around here might be familiar enough to keep you entertained.

(The chocolate's melting)
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Here is a site with a "midi" file on it if you would like to sing along It's about 3/4 way down the page

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That's a great ballad. I've just about got the tune...shall we give it a go???
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Whew! They phoned. It's fixed and we are ready to go! Everyone get their luggage. The bus will be coming to terminal H in about four minutes
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Woohoo back up and running!

Kitts on the bus!!
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Come on girls - on the bus. I don't think they enjoyed our singing anyway
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While we are driving downtown, I thought I would share with you that people from Indiana are called "Hoosiers" No one really knows where the name came from but here are some theories:

That’s the question most asked by Indiana visitors. No one seems to know exactly where the word "Hoosier" (hoo-zhur) came from but there are plenty of stories on its origin -- 30 at last count. Here are some of the more popular theories:
\tHoosiers are well-known for their questioning and it is possible the nickname originated because they could not pass a house without pulling the latchstring and crying out "Who's here?"

\tIn 1851 Amelia M. Murray reported that she heard the name Hoosier originate when settlers shouted "Huzza!" when gaining victory over a marauding party from a neighboring state.

\tKentucky contractor Samuel Hoosier hired Indiana workers to build the Portland canal at Louisville. These superior laborers became known as "Hoosier's Men" or "Hoosiers" and carried the nickname back north with them. Unfortunately, no one has ever been able to prove the existence of Mr. Hoosier.

\tBefore its use in America, Hoosier was used in England to refer to someone who lived in the hills or mountains. It may be related to the French osier meaning someone from the countryside. This term is still commonly used in Eastern Canada.

\tIndiana poet James Whitcomb Riley said the origin of the title "Hoosier" came from the pugnacious habits of the early settlers. "They were vicious fighters ... [and] frequently bit off noses and ears. This happened so often that a settler coming into the barroom after a fight would see an ear on the floor and ask, ‘Whose ear?’ "

Today the word is used to denote an Indiana native or resident. Although the origin is uncertain, one thing is clear about the word -- "Hoosier" and Hospitality go hand in hand.
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Evening everyone! whats happening?, are we in your neck of the woods now Chris?
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Oh ya singing was great!
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That's interesting Chris!

Hiya Susan! We are in Indiana - Susie couldn't host us tonight.
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Hiya Susan . Thanks Sam - so kind
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We're approaching the downtown now!

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Hi Susan!
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Oh wow, Chris that's gorgeous!!
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Here's an aerial view - guess I should have pointed that out when we were flying

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