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Aw Susie. I know. You're just so thrilled you're speechless. You can tell I've been doing this 30 years so don't feel intimidated by my skills. It takes lots of practice.
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I maybe speechless girl but I"m not powerless!! Take that!!! *Susie bonks Chris in the head with her pillow* and that! and that! and that!
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Calm down Susie! You'll mess up your makeup!
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Wait, I have a few more whacks left!


Ok, now I feel better. Now smarty pants, if your done making me look like a clown, I'm going to go wash up, grab some chips and pop in our scary movie!!
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Which one did you get??
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It's called............

What was that noise?
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Now this is sounding REALLY FRIGHTENING!!! I'm not so sure I wanna be here right now
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Oh come on you chicken!!

Susie turns out the lights and call the kits up on the sofa with them.............

The movie starts out with a blood curdeling scream!!


(on that scary note, Jerry wants me to come watch Twister on TBS with him)
Gotta run Chris.............
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Have fun watching the cows fly by! I still need to eat dinner
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You guys are funny!
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I can't believe I didn't hear Chris' phone call - trouble is this lightweight had already gone to bed by then . Yeah, yeah I know, letting the side down

Looks like you had a great time at the makeover - I could've picked up a few tips there as well .

Mind you - I glad I missed the scary movie I normally miss half of those because my head's under a cushion
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sorry you missed it too Beth......we had alot of fun last night.

Sorry to have to say this guys, but my sister in law's father was just taken to the ER, and she just called and asked me to come sit with her son today. Not sure how long I will be gone. She does have a computer, so if the 2 year old allows me, I will try to get on. No promises though.

I had planned on touring Cleveland today, but you are all welcome to stay here at our house and enjoy the day. Not sure where the crew is headed next, but in case I'm not with you guys when you leave tomorrow, I'll catch up with you!

Have a good day and like I said, feel free to hang out here for the day or take the catbus and go touring Cleveland.

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Sorry to hear this, Susie. Hope everything is O.K We could make an early trip to Indianapolis which I know a little about but I will let you guys wake up to join in and see what you would like to do.
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Thanks Chris I'll check in if I can later......I"m off!
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My thoughts and prayers are flying from IL for your sis in law and her father Susie... I hope everything is okay.
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Hello out there? Anyone wanna hop a plane for a quick trip of Indy? It's not that far away. We can always hop back to Cleveland if Miss Susie is able to join us later.
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I'll come! Or is it too late?
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I'll be praying for your sister-in-law's father, Susie. How wonderful of you to go stay with her son.
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We're up for that trip!
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O.K. I'm sorry I'm a bit, no, very unprepared but here we go. Lets get on a plane and go. George hurry up! We're going back to Indiana for a visit!
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Yup leads head off to Indiana!
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Aww Susie - hope everything's ok . The kits and me are gatecrashing . Come on girls we're off to Auntie Chris' - make sure you behave now.

Lily - no beating Fliss up this time . Addie and Tippy - you just watch the world from the back of your carrier until you feel brave enough to come out
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Is everyone on the plane? They're getting ready to shut the doors!
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Yep, seatbelt on, eyes shut, ready to go
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Beth said she would join us - getting her cats in the carriers. She might have to meet us in Indy if she doesn't get here soon.
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I'm confused, but Beth is with us? Ahwelll... seatbelts on!

*buzzes help button*
"Yes M'am"
"Hi, can I have a Coke with lime, please"
Sure M'am, coming right up"

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Sam - they make Coke with lime in it already here in the US . Do you have that in NZ?
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Yip, of course! It's yummy!
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I haven't tried it yet. Think it would be good with some rum in it, though.

"Miss? Could I have one of those with some rum please?"
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Sounds better! So what are we going to do once we get to Indiana?
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