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Susan, Stephanie,Susie and kits get comfortable at a table in the dining car. Ohhh, look at that sunrise you guys..........

Yes waiter, that'll be two coffees and one OJ. Some tuna juice for the kits please.

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Oh thats lovely!, great view as well!.

Can i ask something?.........................................where are we?, i'm too lazy to look
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Is that your town Susie? Garfield Heights is bigger than I expected
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Cool view from the train!
Joji and QT, stop pushing each other! Wawa and Skinny, if you only sit down we can all enjoy breakfast and watch the sunrise in peace.
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What a beautiful sunrise!
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Oh are we at Susies?.
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Yes, we are going to Cleveland today. That city you see Chris is downtown Toledo. We should be arriving at Cleveland in about 2 hours.........(or when I get to work) haha

Waiter, I will have the full breakfast please. What will you all have?

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I'll have some of those yummy mushrooms and tomatoes Susie's having, and another cup of coffee, please!
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Yum! Me too! And a large glass of tomato juice please.
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Ooooh yum!!!!. Who wants to swop one of their sausages for a mushroom?!
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Jasper, get off of my head. I know you're hungry. So am I.

Let me get dressed... You'll need more than your thong in Cleveland, Baby Boy. Put your flannels on.

Goooood Morning, everybody!! A hot chocolate and a short stack of pancakes, please!
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Morning Jan and Jasper........ Here, there are a couple of seats right here...............

Susie whispers to Jan.....
watch out for Susan......she's stealing bangors for mushrooms!
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As long as she hasn't been stuffing them in her knickers for later...
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Their eaten before they have a chance to get there Jan!!
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Munch munch slurp burp munch chomp...........

Ohh look guys, out the window! Lake Erie frozen over............

Forget it Tiggy.....you and Jasper cannot go ice skating on it!!
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I don't care if it is frozen, Jasper, you can't skate on it! Look how uneven it is. Brrr, just looking at the pics make me want a hot chocolate!!
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Wow, can water just freeze like that? I mean, waves didn't even settle down. Eerie!
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LOL, that's why they call it Lake "Erie" Yayi!! LOL
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Jasper, we're getting close to Cleveland so let's get our stuff ready. Okay, if we go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame you can wear your Elvis jumpsuit.

Thank you. Thank you, very much...
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Susie thats really that lake that you go to visit?!.

How great is that!!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Should we post a look-out for polar bears? Or how about penguins?
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
Should we post a look-out for polar bears? Or how about penguins?

LOL, sorry, no polar bears around here........

Yes Susan, Lake Erie is about a 15 minute drive north from my home.

Ok, the train pulls into Cleveland in 15 minutes......everyone have all their stuff?
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Ok guys, here we are! It's snowing out, so bundle up!!

Hi Jerry!! Look babies, here's Poppa!!!

Ok, everyone into the big SUV he brought!!

Hurry Rosie dear.........
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OH be careful Jerry......does everyone have thier seat belts on???

Another half hour to the house guys!
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Sophie leave your ear muffs on sweetie!. I'm pleased i put an extra pair of knickers on now!, brrrrrrrrrr.

Here Rosie lets get your mittens on because were nearly there.
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Oh I'm so glad it stopped snowing!! Yesh!!!

Well, here we are everybody!!!

Trixie, Petals, Tiggy, why don't you take all the kits up to your room and show them your toys, etc. Come on guys.....let's head in and warm up.

We're going to have a bon fire later and go sledding and ice skating.........

There's some beef stew and chili in the crockpots in the house waiting for us!
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*Sophie jumps on Tiggys back for a carry upstairs* Sophie your not at home now!!.

Ooooooh Susie this isn't the same house as last year is it?, or is this the winter home?

*Picks up a plate* Oh let me at that beef stew!! Any crusty bread Susie?
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Good eye chick! Yep, this is our winter home!

Everybody help yourselves while I cut up the bread!


WHOA KITS! We saved you some!!!
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Oi, oi, oi, Sophie no pushing in!.

Mmmmmm Susie munch munch munch, it's lovely! munch, munch,munch

Rosie sweetie you have some on your chin
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