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Oh yes!!!!!!!!!. You see that box of donuts in the first picture?, their mine!!!

I need this
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I still can't get over how big Sophie is!
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Jan - Thanks for covering my original time spot for the thread. I really appreciate it. I am seriously going to look at information on the Delta Queen. I've been on steamboats before but just for an hour or two ride.
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Oh tell me about it Jan!, she's nearly as big as Rosie and she's not even 1 yet!!.

I've been on a steamboat at Disney is that the same sort?
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Okay, folks, I have to be off a couple of hours. then Mom has an afternoon doctor's appt and we have a meeting tonight. So I hope I have left enough for you to entertain yourselves. Wish I could be with you more today. But we still have tomorrow! (Which I have no idea what to do... )

Remember - No collecting fossils at the state park and pace yourself at the bourbon festival as there are several distilleries in the area!
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The steamboats at Disney are based on the Delta Queen - probably -

She is a National Historic Monument. She may not be as large or have the modern luxuries of her younger sisters, but she has a certain charm.
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We'd better watch Danielle because i'm sure she likes Bourbon?!
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Yes, do keep an eye on Danielle - she looooooooves bourbon!!
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Good Grief, Jan! I could book the Queen Mary to England cheaper than I could going on the Delta Queen.

I'm glad you are paying for the visit.
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I wonder if they let us get into the real spirit of it and dress up as well?!.

Wouldn't mind trying on one of those dresses to go back in time!
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Hi guys! I decided to join back into the vacation while i do my homework
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You get back to your homework lady!!!!

I know i should be working as well!
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susan i thought you were the boss!
you dont have to work... the others do for you
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This is true!! Thats why we have a young junior in the office
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I'm certain we can dress up! Sophie and Rosie with little floppy hats and parasols. They would be really cute. I wish I knew what I did with a a picture we had taken in Southern Indiana (Jan- it was when we visited Nashville, IN) Russ was dressed as a Union soldier and I was dressed as a Southern Belle. It was quite funny and I'd scan it if I could find it.
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Oh try and find it Chris!
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If I have time, I will look again. I just got back after caring for my sister after surgery. The night I got home, I found out that my grandmother had been admitted to the hospital here so I need to switch shifts with my Mom at some point.
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Oh no!!!

((((( Huge healing vibes))))) from us in the UK then Chris. You take it easy as well!!
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Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm sure Mom's waiting on me but I'm going to take a couple of hours for myself before I go.
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Keep us updated on them both Chris!
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Morning, all -- I do believe I'm caught up!

Bourbon festival, eh? I think I'm going to have to put that one on hold until this evening! Won't stop me from enjoying the boat trip, though.

Chris, you're up to your eyeballs in taking care of people! Don't forget to take care of you OK? Glad to see you giving yourself a couple of hours before diving into the next shift.

Gotta run now, but I'll likely see you all around noon. Don't get too sozzled, now, OK?
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Chris, your sister is in my prayers!
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Wow, what a lot to do. I love looking at fossils - see, kits, these may be your ancestors. Didn't they have big teeth?
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I hope you are enjoying your visit (despite the fact I can't be online much today. )

I had to pat down Jasper after the visit to the Falls to make sure he hadn't taken any! So far so good.

I see several have started the tasting tours of the many distilleries (and buying up souvenirs to take home ) Jasper and the kits seem to be enjoying the carnival rides we found.

Jasper, Sam's kittens may not go on the big Ferris Wheel. There are little rides for them... And you behave on the Dodge'Em Cars!!

(from Sam's kittens)
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I need to leave again, but should be back in about - um - 10 hours...
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Hi guys and good morning,

Just popping in to say hi! Hopefully I'll have some time on TCS this evening.

Gotta run,

See yallz later.
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Another Hi and bye, I'll be back this evening.
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I guess everyone's spent the day quietly sipping their amber liquids?
If anyone needs Tylenol I've got plenty!
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
I guess everyone's spent the day quietly sipping their amber liquids?
If anyone needs Tylenol I've got plenty!
good one!!!!!!

hummmmmm everybody are taking a sweet nap!...
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