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Here, Jasper. Sit by the window. I've opened it a crack.


STOP THE BUS!!! Hurry off, Jasper! Out of our way!!! Over to the side of the road!

What did you consume last night! No, I don't want to know.
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Coming up you will see Ralph's, this is where we will be going tonight, and at any point if you get hungry you can stop to eat there today
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Oh no! Is Jasper ok?!?!
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Poor Jasper!
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GORDO what did you do to Jasper?
(Gordo) "Momma I swear, this time it wasn't me"
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We will now travel to Historic Downtown Medicine Hat
One of the first things you will see is the Esplanade which is currently being built.
This is what it will look like finished

The Esplanade is a huge controversy here, since most people think it is a waste of money
It will be a cultural and arts center which most people here don't want! As of December, it was no where near finished (still isn't) and is already a few million dollars over budget
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I think he is okay now. He has been spending too much time partying. I think we'll find a cab and head back to the hotel. We'll catch up later. Meanwhile, I think I'll give him a lecture on temperance...

Buuuuurp! hic!
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Also we have the Historic Walking Tour of downtown
You will see many Churches, and if you are lucky you will hear The St. John's Presbyterian church bells ring. They can be heard from almost anywhere in the city and it really is lovely

The tour starts at St. Patrick's

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The Church is beautiful.
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Originally Posted by babygirl
The Church is beautiful.
I wish I could find pics of the inside! Its just stunning!
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From St. Pat's you will cross Finley Bridge! It was built originally for Horse and Buggy so there is a restriction on what kind of vehicles can pass over it since its so narrow But I have special permission for the catbus!

From there you can continue on the tour http://www.telusplanet.net/public/c.../Historical.htm
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So I have to leave you for the day now, but remember just relax and look around

I know, I know nothing too exciting, but Medicine Hat is the SENIOR CITIZEN CAPITAL of Canada

Take the tour, go shopping, have something to eat, or just hang out at the hotel
Have fun! I will meet you all at the hotel tonight around 10:30 PM to go out to Ralph's!!!

(and I am really sorry for the lack of good pics I can't seem to find any )
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OH! And if you didn't bring any REALLY warm clothes... go shopping! Tomorrow we will be going............................

Skiing, snowboarding, and tobagganing!!!!
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(and I am really sorry for the lack of good pics I can't seem to find any )
No Problem Ashley.
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Oh and if you get the chance once its dark out make sure you have a look around downtown again!
The streets are lit up with gaslamps! They are really pretty

So is city hall

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Skiing, snowboarding, Cool!

What is tobagganing?
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Originally Posted by babygirl
Skiing, snowboarding, Cool!

What is tobagganing?
Sledding? Where you sit on something and slide down a big hill covered in snow

If you get really bored today the SPCA can always use volunteers

I really have to go now! Have fun! See you soon!
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Bye Ashley
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Hi Everyone! Hi Ashley, even though I know you're off at the salt mine just now. Sorry I slept in this morning -- was kinda bushed. Nice to have a bit of a lazy day, prowling around Medicine Hat, and taking it easy. Thanks for setting us up so that we could amuse ourselves to whatever extent feels good. I don't own any REALLY warm clothes so I guess I'd better go acquire some -- thanks for the heads up on that, Ash! See you all later on.
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morning everyone

Thanks for the great tour of Medicine Hat Ash!!

I am with you Fran - I need some warm clothes too!! best I join you at the stores to buy some.
our warm clothes are like summer clothes to you guys

after shopping - I think I will go see the cathedral
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Much the same here in Lotus Land, Danielle. The climate in Medicine Hat is the same as much of the rest of the country and that means cold in winter, but I left that behind over 30 years ago, and 'cold' now means I put a fleece vest under my nylon shell. As for boots...! I pitched my last pair about six years ago, and just wear sneakers if there's any snow. I'm actually headed out for a couple of hours, to visit my Dad, and do a bit of shopping, but will be back likely around 5:30 or 6 -- Ok, so about 3 hours. Don't spend all your (virtual) money in one place !
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Oh Ashley, everything is so beautiful. What are we doing now?
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Hi, everyone!!! I had to catch up! Medicine Hat is a great town, Ashley! You even have a Body Shop - one up on my little town Did you read the paper? I guess some of you took some Cedar Waxwings out drinking because about 100 of them got drunk and smashed into a building and died. I love Cedar Waxwings
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Whew! Lots to catch up on! Sorry I haven't been around lately; I've been going through some personal stuff lately and haven't felt much like participating.

Fran, I've always wanted to go to Vancouver, now I really want to go!! What an awesome city! And Ashley, I'm looking forward to checking out Medicine Hat too!!

Now, I think I'll go do some shopping, then head back to the hotel to relax before we go out.
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Hey, Linda! Good to see you! Sorry things have been unsettled for you. I hope that's working itself out.

Glad you enjoyed catching up on Vancouver. If you decide to come this way, let me know. You might have noticed, I think it's a pretty neat place, too

Well, I've got the cold weather gear I need for tomorrow. Good thing it's virtual, because I sure don't in reality!!

Now I'm hungry, so I've wandered over to Ralph's, as Ashley suggested. Care to join me? http://www.ralphsbar.com/index.html

I'm having

Garlic Ribs: 7.75
Prepared with fresh garlic cloves, seasoned and piled high!

followed by
Filet: 8oz - 23.95
Very thick & very juicy. The most tender steak.
with garlic toast, fresh vegetable and roasted potatoes
And Peppercorn Gravy

and after that, I think I'm going to be full enough that dessert is going to be
Ralph's Texas Coffee: 4.75
Baileys, Kahlua Grand Marnier & coffee
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Hey Fran!

I'm pretty hungry too... so I believe I will join you!

*Looks at the menu*

Hmmm.... I'm going to have:

Quesadillas: (chicken)
Flour tortilla shells grilled with spicy chicken, tomatoes, green onions and out three cheese blend

Prime Rib: 8oz
Slow cooked, served in its own juice with yorkshire pudding

and because I'm absolutely famished (and I can't pass it up!)

Cheese Cake:
New York Style Cheese Cake with Strawberry topping.

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MMMMMMM...nothing wrong with YOUR taste!
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What can I say, I love food!! Yours looks just as tasty!
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Hey all! We're back! Jasper is over his tummy upset. He must be, because when I woke up he was gone. when he returned he was wearing a war bonnet. what is the closest tribe? I'm afraid I may have to do some returning... *sigh*

Hmm need to check the menu -
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Oooh! Chicken Cordon Bleu and Apple Pie!
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