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Hi Ashley and Sam
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Hi Steph
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Hi, Ashley! Good morning, Sam!
Sandra and I were just enjoying the buffet, care to join us?
Perfect! That's where we were going to go anyway
What are you having?
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I see we had a quiet night last night! Must have been all that drinking in Vancouver
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Buffet looks good! Any breakfast dishes there?

Hi Tina, Steph & Ashley!
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A little of everything, Ashley!
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Mmm they have chocolate milk! Yummy!
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Yay, I'm hungry...Let's go!
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Me too!

I think I'll have some cereal and fruit.
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Great idea, Sam! How about you, Tina?
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(Sadly I have to get ready for work soon )

Let me know when everyone has had enough to eat and we will all be off to do some exploring today

Dress semi-warmly as we will be outside a lot and it is 5C with little wind

Again there are newspapers for those that like to keep up with what is going on
(If you check out the front page, you will be glad that I don't live up north... A few BATUS soldiers are going to the Arctic where temps will be -50C!!!)
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I want some cereal too and a hot chocolate since it's cold.
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-5, omg it's like 25 here!

Thanks for the links Ashley!
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It's 70 degree here in Miami. Ashley that is cold!
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But that's Farenheight right? We are in degrees here!
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Here is a conversion thingy ( ) for the weather
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Thanks Ash!
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As some of you may know, we will be staying here for 3 days due to a switch in the schedule so today will be more of a relaxing day We will be doing some interesting things tomorrow and Monday, so I will just give you all a tour of Medicine Hat today.
And (while I am at work) I will leave you to explore before we all get together tonight to go out for drinks and dancing
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Thank you for that conversion link, Ashley! I've added it to my favorites so I can consult it whenever I need to do so!
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Sounds fun, Ashley!
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Oh awesome!
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Ok everyone! On the catbus please!
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Oh, what a beautiful moooooooooorning

Ow! Jasper, I know you have a hangover, but you didn't have to hit me for singing!

Yes, I did...
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Come one, Baby Boy, let's get on the Cat Bus. Okay, I'll carry you.
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Come on Kits on the bus!
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Hi Jan & Jasper!

Woohoo, on the cat bus everybody!
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Our first point of interest will be Medicine Hat Mall, which is directly across the street from where we are staying at the Lodge

(click the pic )
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Remember at this point we will not be getting off the catbus! Im just showing you around so you will know what there is to do while I am at work

Our next stop will be the Saamis Teepee
The world’s largest tepee, standing over twenty storeys high, originally came from the 1988 Calgary Olympics. It was erected next to the Saamis Archaeological site, which was an Aboriginal winter camp where buffalo were processed during the 17th century. Twelve-foot circular storyboards depict Aboriginal life on the prairies. Interpretive tours are conducted daily. Authentic Aboriginal crafts are sold.
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Jasper, stop moaning. If you're going to be sick let me know now!
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