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I was looking at it to see if it looked like rude bits!
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What's a rude bit???
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You know?!?!
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Good Morning I dunno what a "rude bit" is.. Do tell, Miss Susan.
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Hi Chris.......no, I don't know Susan.....tell me it's not got something to do with men or going to the bathroom?????
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Erm?!. the sausage and eggs aren't covered in ketchup!!!
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Originally Posted by huggles
ACK did I just miss Fran
Yup, you did, dear! I was going great guns, and then all of a sudden crashed and couldn't function any more -- early for me, but I'm a bit coldy -- hope I'll last longer tonight!

[Edited to add: and what a drinking party i missed --however, I see you all consumed enough for me, too -- good on ya!]

Now, let's get today going, and then I'll go back and see what you characters have been up to in my absence

'Morning! Vancouver Group. Did you all sleep well? Who’s for BREAKFAST! or have you all eaten?? Well,there are several options, but perhaps Room Service would be a good idea?...


Served from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
$3.75 delivery charge per order. Prices do not include government taxes.
Corned beef hash
with a poached farm fresh egg
toast & preserves 16.
Eggs benedict
with hash brown potatoes
One egg 15. Two eggs 17.
Salmon, dill & camembert
frittata with hash brown
potatoes, toast & preserves 16.

Includes fresh squeezed juice and coffee or tea
Chilled juice selection, fresh
brewed coffee or tea,
choice of house baked danish,
croissants or muffins 16.
Watermelon ring topped
with seasonal fruit &
cottage cheese or yoghurt,
toast & preserves 21.
Two eggs any style with
bacon, ham or sausage,
hash brown potatoes, toast
& preserves 23.

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes 16.
Classic brioche French toast with seasonal fruit & sabayon 16.
Belgian waffle with freshly prepared strawberry butter 15.
Farm fresh three egg omelette with choice of filling
mushrooms, cheese, peppers, ham and smoked salmon 17.
Toasted bagel with B.C. smoked salmon & cream cheese 17.


Island Group! Good Morning! Did you all sleep well? Our suites have kitchens, so I’ve made sure they are stocked with all the breakfast goodies we might want. Please go ahead and make whatever your little heart desires.

Here are some fresh baked scones to start us off...

What else do people feel like?\t\t


[some images courtesy of http://free-stock-photos.com/]

Now, everyone get fed and whatnot -- I'll be back in a little while.
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Good Morning Frannie......wow, what a spread..what to have, what to have.......hummmmmmmmmm
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*Susan pushes through Susie and Chris*

Oh i'll have a couple of those scones!, a couple of extra sausages and an omlette!.

Thats me sorted!
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YUM! I think I will have an omelette with mushrooms, cheese and peppers!!!!
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Vancouver. Looks like we’re finished with breakfast, so let's head for the Skytrain...

...because we are going SHOPPPPPPING at Metropolis at Metrotown


I’m sure we can spend a morning here shopping and we’ll have a bite of lunch before we leave – or you COULD wait until we get to our next stop It won’t take long once we’re on the Skytrain again

Island. Sufficiently fed? Today I thought we’d go to Mount Washington to start. There may or may not be skiing for those who are interested. It’s not been a good winter for the skiers It’s been fine for the rest of us

One thing we can do, though, is go for a walk in the Alpine Meadows...



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Well, I don't know where everybody has got to, but it's probably time for some lunch, don't you think?

Vancouver Group ready to head back into town? OK. Let’s get back on the Skytrain...


and go back downtown, stopping in Gastown. We can eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory...


Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
Delightful favorite.

Spaghetti with Rich Meat Sauce
Our authentic recipe comes direct from Naples.

Spaghetti with Spicy Meat Sauce
Our great meat sauce with an extra zing.

Spaghetti with Clam Sauce
Plump butter clams in a bechamel sauce.

Spaghetti with Mushroom Sauce
Fresh mushrooms in a rich Italian tomato sauce.

Spaghetti with Browned Butter & Mizithra Cheese
A treat for cheese lovers.

The Manager's Favorite
Your choice of any two of the above sauces.

Pot Pourri Spaghetti
With a portion of Mushrooms, Meat & Clam sauce.

Veal a la Parmigiana
A large portion of tender veal served with spaghetti & tomato sauce.

Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo
Shrimp, scallops and mushrooms with spinach and egg noodles in a creamy Alfredo sauce.

Veggie Lasagna
Fresh spinich lasagna noodles with four cheeses, lots of veggies and a zesty Tomato sauce.

Penne with Chicken
Basil cream sauce with chicken, mushrooms, peppers & tomatoes.

Tortellini Pomodoro
Mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes in a tomato basil sauce.

Mama Pulosi's secret homemade recipe.

Seafood Linguine Marinara
Fresh linguini noodles with sautéed scallops, baby shrimp and mushrooms in a tomato garlic sauce.

Breast of Chicken
A seasoned breast of chicken, with spaghetti & tomato sauce.

New York Steak
A choice 8 oz steak, served with spaghetti & tomato sauce.

anyone for a drink while we wait for our food?

Island travellers -- After our walk around the Alpine Meadows, we’ll find our way back down the mountain and into Courtenay. There are several good restaurants there. We’re rather partial to the Atlas Café...

“Fresh global cuisine featuring Mexican, Italian, Indian, Mediterranean and Japanese. Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner with a healthy west coast influence in a warm & funky environment. Weekend brunch til 2pm. Takeout available. Kid's menu too!”


We’ll get a bite of lunch here
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Mmmmmm, lasagna!

Sorry it took so long to get here. When I woke up, Jasper was sound asleep surrounded by bottles of catnip juice. Looks like he was in on that drinking binge last night.

Oh, before we take the catbus out, we need to clean it out. There's a couple of Aussies, a Kiwi, a Canuck, and some Yanks passed out cold. And there's a lot of empty Tequila bottles laying around.
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Doesn't surprise me one bit! There should have been TWO Canucks on that bus -- gee, I was POd to discover I'd missed that, but c'est la vie!

How's Jasper feeling today?
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Good morning everybody!
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Hey, Sam! You survived the booze-up! Good girl!
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47

What else do people feel like?

This is definitly me! Thanks Fran.
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Hey Fran! Yip, when do we drink again! *hic*

Skyline and shopping sounds awesome!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Hey Fran! Yip, when do we drink again! *hic*
Oh, I rather imagine the boozing crowd will re-convene this evening.

Skyline and shopping sounds awesome!

Good show!
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I just wanted to say I'm really sorry I haven't been really into the vacation. I'll try to join more this weekend.
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Hi Jenny, no need to be sorry! I haven't been on TCS for ages too really since last night.
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Hey, Jenny! Good to see you. Don't worry about not being able to be around too much. I know how it is!!

[Ordinarily I can manage a quick look before work, a little play time at lunch time, and maybe a quick check on breaks, and then do my real TCS stuff in the evening. Doesn't mesh very well with the times when the daytime stuff is happening on the vacation. Good thing I had some time coming to me, or I would have been REALLY hooped for hosting -- just not possible. ]

So, stick your head in when you can -- we're glad to see you!
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Too true, Fran!
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Hi, Fran! Jasper is outside getting a breath of fresh air. (Really. The sun is shining and he let me know about it!)

Ah, Sam. Here we thought you were such a good little girl and wouldn't partake of the spirits until you were of age.
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Hi Jan! I am, just not virtually.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Hi, Fran! Jasper is outside getting a breath of fresh air. (Really. The sun is shining and he let me know about it!)
Ah, yes! They do, don't they? Glad he's not feeling any the worse for wear after his indulgences of last night!

Ah, Sam. Here we thought you were such a good little girl and wouldn't partake of the spirits until you were of age.
Ah, but best she learn to hold it among friends.
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That's true! Jasper!
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Are we too late for lunch? I'd like to have the Spagetti with Mushroom Sauce, please, and Sierra would like the Seafood Alfredo, minus the fettuccine!
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Sunny days have been quite rare around here and he wants to take advantage of every one!

So, who's cleaning out the catbus? Sam? Or are we waiting until the other sots have come out of their stupor?
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