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Good morning/evening!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Good morning/evening!
oh me too Sam!! I am so sorry that I have hardly been around this week

evening Stephanie
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Good evening Stephanie!

I'm sorry too! Don't think I'll be on much more this week either, trying to catch up now while I've got some free time.
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so are we eating? I think thats a great idea.. wonder if Fran left any eating instructions
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Eating sounds good!
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Oooo, yes, let's get something to eat!
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sorry I have to really go eat right now - but I will be back soon to eat some more
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Enjoy your meal, Dan!
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See you soon Danielle! Save me some!
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Susan will be here with breakfast soon!
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Morning!! I had some catching up to do with not being on last night!.

Did someone say breakfast?!

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Yummy, Susan!
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What we up to today anyone?! munch, munch, munch
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Well, all I know so far is we're eating breakfast! I'll have some more coffee, please! Here's your tuna omelette, Sierra, Rosie and Sophie!
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* Sophie headbutts Stephanie *

Heres some coffee

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heres a fruit salad!

hmmm tis healthy food for me from now on!
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Oh is that yoghurt beside it?
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Thank you, Susan, one hour, 15 min. left to this shift.
Thank you so much for bringing your wonderful fruit salad, Fwan! Now this is my kind of breakfast!
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yes rosiemac, its raspberry yoghurt.
with only 1,5 fett? i presume its 99% fat free lol!
but its
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Well i'll have some of that as well!
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Good Morning! I brought my own breakfast. Would anyone like me to share?

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Mmmmm, cookies and milk! Sounds like a yummy breakfast, Chris!
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Laureen, sorry Jasper & I missed yesterday, but he was nursing a sore butt from having to ride that bull.

Those log cabins are probably very similar to what my ancestors lived in back in the 1700s and 1800s! Not sure if they had the luxury of a front porch, though.

Okay, on to Vancouver, Jasper. Can you walk straight, now? Jasper will have some chicken and I will have a full breakfast! I'm hungry! Two eggs - scrambled, pancakes, bacon and sausage, and a large chocolate milk. (I'm not a coffee drinker.)
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Oooooh are those Oreos?!.
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Good Morning, everybody! Glad to see you've been checking some of the "brochures" How has your flight been? We'll soon be landing in Vancouver.
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Oooops didn't know we were on the plane?!

Make sure you have your fluffy boots fastened kitts then buckle up!
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You guys!!! This is Lotus Land! Remember those temps are Celsius -- 0 is freezing point -- so those temps just around 0 are just around 32 for the Fahrenheit crowd. We're expecting temps in the upper 40s in these couple of days, but a mix of sun and cloud. So you don't need to worry about your woolly boots just now -- save them for Alberta!

Are we ready to land?
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We're here!

Welcome to Vancouver!!


There’s the Spirit of Haida Gwaii..let’s look around it...


Isn’t that sculpture amazing??

If you didn’t eat on the plane (or even if you did! ), grab something as we go through the airport – there are lots of places and you don’t need to eat heavily, because we’ll be getting food in our travels...

Come on, then...the CatBus is here, so gather your stuff and let’s get going.

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Oh well thats better!!

*Takes off Rosie and Sophies fluffy boots, mittens, ear muffs, scarfs and vests *
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Isn't that sculpture clever!!!

Come on kitts on the bus, and Sophie!, it's Rosies turn for the window!!.
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