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Gordo wish his two mates were here. He's having fun but not as much fun as he would with Baker and Cedar.
Oh well more treats Gordo.
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Cool let's go, come on Kitties.... here Gordo more treats.
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Sasha - I'm sori wi got dragd owt of the disco bifor wi cud dans. Miowmi is sili - I can luk after maiself. Can wi dans nixt taim? - Pursil
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Sorry but it's time to go! Everybody lets ride the TCS bus and move farther south.

We drive to Tagaytay City. It is located on a mountain ridge at 2,250 feet above sea level. This city is famous for it's right next to
Taal Volcano

"A crater within an island within a lake". Geologists say that the lake is the crater of a huge volcano that was active in prehistoric times. In one particularly violent eruption, the slopes of the volcano caved in and sank, and water rushed in to form the lake. The peak of the volcano became the island on the lake.
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This is again another active volcano.
It hasn't erupted but it's responsible for several mild earthquakes in the past.
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That is amazingly beautiful! It takes my breath away.
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Okay, now it's time to travel by boat. Long distance travel is usually via ferry such as this one:

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Morning everyone!.

Oh i've never seen a real volcano before!, i've felt a couple of minore earthquakes when i was in Greece a couple of years ago

Ooooooh look Rosie where going on a boat!, Sophie hold onto my hand!
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For short trips, it's the "banca". I don't believe there's a "banca" factory in any seaside city. These boats are usually built by the owner himself, a fisherman or a ferryman. When I was active in scuba diving, these "banqueros" were more reliable than a barometer or a compass. They could tell by just looking at the sea how the weather and the winds were going to be for the day.

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Morning, Susan!Yes, isn't that volcano amazing! Just look at our wonderful ferry Yayi has provided for our travel! Thank you, Yaya, for being such a fantastic hostess! We've had such a wonderful time with you!
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The banca looks like it would be wonderful!
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Oh Yayi! thats a tropical paradise!!!
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Good morning Susan!
Remember, when boarding any boat/ship in the Philippines, check there are enough life vests! You don't need to wear them during the trip, just make sure you can reach one in case of an emergency.!
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Before going to the beach, let's visit the island of Corregidor.
Corregidor is a small rocky island in the Philippines about 48 kilometers west of Manila which is stragetically located at the entrance of Manila Bay. This island fortress stands as a memorial for the courage, valor, and heroism of its Filipino and American defenders who bravely held their ground against the overwhelming number of invading Japanese forces during World War II.

Photos of Corregidor
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*Susan looks for the life belts*

Right, look Sophie and you Rosie!, these are them here incase you need them ok!
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Looks as if there are plenty to go around, Yayi, thank you for the precaution!
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What a peaceful place it looks Yayi?!.
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When my sister visited Corregidor last year, her son found a fat cat in one of the old cannons. It was very friendly. I guess he was part of the welcoming committee.
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Can we all sit on deck? Kits, don't run around. Sit still Ellie. OK, where are we going now? This is so beautiful.
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This is a resthouse near the beach area of Quezon Island of Hundred Islands. This is another popular tourist attraction in the province of Pangasinan. It's named because when you look to the horizon you see numerous unnamed islets. Maybe we should name one in commemoration of your visit to the PHilippines!
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Oh that would be great Yayi!!!

Now this is where i could sit alll day with a long drink, some nibbles and a good book, oh! and my snorkling kitt!
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This is in Palawan. If you are looking for untouched, primal tropical places, this is it. It is the largest province in the country and boasts of large variety of flora and fauna. Of the 1000 species of wildlife, Palawan houses a third.
More about Palawan
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Oh i've changed my mind!, this is the one i want to read my book on and go snorkling!!.

OMG it's gorgeous Yayi!! I could easily stay there for a couple of weeks and not get bored no problem!!
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Boracay - It won international recognition as one of the beaches with the "perfect" sand. Don't ask me what that means! But it's a fantastic place!
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Another picture of Boracay beach.
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Okay, let's have drinks on a floating bar!

This is in Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental province.
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The waiter will take your order, get on the small canoe, row to shore, get your orders in that wooden crate tied to his boat and then row back to you. You better make sure of your orders and not change your minds. We don't want to tire the poor guy. We may have to over tip him too.
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Oh no!!!!, can i change my mind again?!

Oh good grief Yayi you live in a gorgeous country!!

The waiter can have as much as he wants with a place like this!

Come on kitts on the boat!. This is my idea of heaven and everyone should visit a place like this at some point in their lives. I thought the Greek Islands were lovely, but this is fantastic!
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We are so spoiled for choice! I love this virtual vacation. Back in Sarajevo in 'real' life we have 20 inches of snow and it's falling hard now! Dushka, Ellie and Persil are sitting on the window sill looking out at it glumly. Maybe they are dreaming of tropical isles and sunshine too.
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Eeeek Jenny!! 20" of snow!!

Here it's just damp thank goodness!.
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