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Awww how cute the kitties are playing together.

Yummm, breakfast looks delicious.
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Yeah they'll sleep tonight after all that playing!
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Mmmm... those pancakes look delish! Could you please pass them over my way?
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Hi Linda
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Hey Susan you got some orange juice. (shhh can you drop a little bit of vodka on it)
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Hi Linda There you go!, enjoy!!
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Hi Tina

Hi Susan Thanks for the pancakes. Mmmm, they are yummy!!
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I decided to give the kits the toys I bought them while I was out shopping and instead they decided to play with the bag. Go figure, eh??!!

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Linda thats brilliant!, you want to put it in caption this!.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Linda thats brilliant!, you want to put it in caption this!.
Will do! Thanks!!
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Wow that's a great picture!

Hey gang... what's up?
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Not sure Ari?, were just feeding our faces at the moment
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Hi Ariana
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I'm all for eating... my tummy's a-grumbling!
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What do you fancy?
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Mmmm... anything! Although I have a craving for a hot fudge sundae...

I guess this'll do:

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Now that's my kind of breakfast!!
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Eh who needs a typical breakfast... I believe in mixing my meals around!

Here's yours Linda:

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Oooh! Thanks Ariana! Yummy!!
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I LOVE the bag picture! Great. OK, now who is going to keep me away from the shops for the rest of the morning - I've already spent too much. Mind you, it's only virtual money so who cares!
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Well if it's virtual money... I haven't been shopping yet! You have to take me around... obviously you already know your way around all the good shops!
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I didn't get to shop before, maybe I can join you?
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Let's go Jenny! What are we looking for?
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Let's go Jenny! What are we looking for?

Sounds great!

I'd love too! Lets go, Ari.

How will we get to the shops?

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Nah, let's get on one of those, what's it called? Those tricyles? Those guys that are really fast!
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Good morning everyone! Wow, breakfast looks so good . And Linda, that picture of Chester in the bag is so cute! Thank you Susan for the compliment. I'm trying to find a nice picture of the city skyline but it seems we're having a construction boom. It's mostly steel frames and smoke.

After breakfast, let's ride the Metro Railway Transit. It's not yet complete (see what I mean about ongoing building?). We'll take the EDSA route first.

I'm very proud to say that the Filipinos originated the term "People Power". 1986 President Marcos was removed from power without resorting to violence. Again it happened in 2002 with President Estrada. The media named both events EDSA Revolution 1 and 2. Today, we have two monuments on the very places where Filipinos rallied and marched in protest resulting the unseating of the most powerful men in the country.

Camp Aguinaldo People Power Monument

EDSA Shrine.
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Hey ! I'm just in time for the monorail ride! Looks like fun!
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Yay! How fun!
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Did you notice the buildings behind the EDSA Shrine? That's Robinson Galleria Mall. Behind it is the SM Megamall, followed by Shangrila Mall and Star Mall. I swear we are turning into Mall city.
The MRT stops every few minutes infront of these malls. You can shop some more!
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