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Anyone feel like going to grab something to eat? All this shopping has made me hungry!
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I'm with ya Steph..........ummmmmm Petals is chewing on Tiggy's tail......I think she's hungry too!!!
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What do you feel like having this morning, Petals? Where shall we go?
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Petals would like a tuna omelette Auntie Steph and I'll eat anything!
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We're all starving. I vote for seafood. MEow, Meow, Meow agree the girls
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Oooo, Sierra says a tuna omelette sounds great! Believe I'll have the Belgian waffles with pure maple syrup, with fresh strawberries on the side, please!
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Meow, Moew, MEEWWW.....
Ummm, Waiter, that translate into: don't forget the cheese in Petals omelet
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Yayi - I'm sorry the U.S. had to abandon you last night (our time). I just got caught up. How wonderful for you to show us the farm. It's amazing and beautiful!!!! The food! The orchids! That's impressive - an international competition! There are a ton of orchid lovers/growers out there - it must be a difficult competition.

I believe Mama cat picked up some shell necklaces when she was shopping.
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Good Morning, everyone! What a grand time we had last night, Yayi, I'm still dreaming of that wonderful food -- any lumpia left?

Love the collars you found, Jenny -- think I'll go see what I can find for my lot -- Amethyst for Fawn, or perhaps Emerald, Black Pearls for Cindy, Ruby for Suzy. But at the rate these nuts lose collars , they'll DEFINITELY be just for special occasions! See ya in a while.
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Good morning everyone! What's for breakfast?
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I'm hungry too.....Hi Sam
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Hi, Fran!Good morning, Sam! Order anything you'd like, they'll make us anything!
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Hi, Tina!
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Hiya Tina! I love your new siggy... But *gasp* where's Gordo?

I'll cook breakfast, what would you like this morning?
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Where's Gordo?
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Forgot to thank you last night for the great private plane for our travels, Sasha!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Hiya Tina! I love your new siggy... But *gasp* where's Gordo?

I'll cook breakfast, what would you like this morning?
Gordo is too fat for my siggy....so he didn't fit. j/k
Cirque did it and I send her a pic of gordo but, she probably didn't get it..... hopefully she'll fix it.
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Hi Sierra & Stephanie!

Oh even better if I don't have to make it!

I think I'll have bacon & eggs!

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Hi Steph

Sam, that looks delicious.
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Hopefully she will add him in!
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Hi Chris
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Yes, good morning Chris!
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Glad you're here, Chris!
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Yoooo hooooo everyone! the broad from Britain is here!!!.

Hey what a lovely country Yayi has.

Any food on the go?!
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Hi everyone! What a fast pace our vacation has going. I can hardly catch up with you guys! *pants*

Breakfast looks lovely. Where is our next destination?

Please pass the pancakes, Chris.
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Hi, Susan!Yes, what a beautiful country, and Yayi is such a wonderful host! Order anything you'd like, Susan, they'll make you whatever you choose and bring it to you on the way!
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Hi Susan
Hi Jenny
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Hi Tina Hello you little sweeties!!, Rosie, take Sophie over to play with Pitufo, Gordo and Princess!

Hmmmmm now what will i have?, oh! i'll have some toast and jam please and a coffee, thank you!

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Hi Tina! Um...Susan, could you please pass some pancakes over here?

Tina....... Orei wants to sit next to your Princess. Is that okay?
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There you go Jenny!, dig in

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