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Burmese takes a bath

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I was sitting the bath this morning when I suddenly felt a plop behind me. I knew one of my kittens was playing around on the cabinet behind the bath and I assumed that he had knocked a shampoo bottle in. I turned round to fish it out and and found one very wet Burmese scrambling out of the bath as quickly as it could.

My children were very amused and got an old towel to dry him off - he wasn't in the slightest bit perturbed. It's always been on the cards, I suppose, both kittens love to walk around the edge of the bath while someone is in it - and I've always had to be very careful not to leave a bath unattended. But it was funny.
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Both Rosie and Sophie have slipped in the bath when i've been there as well!.

You would think it would put them off from jumping back on to the side of the bath but it doesn't!.

I always make sure though that the bathroom door is closed if i'm not there just in case
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That is totally something Gandalf would do. He loves to watch water and put his paw and tail into the bathwater but once when he was a kitten he fell in. Honestly I think it was just the shock of being suddenly wet that upset him though cause it sure doesn't stop him from wanting to be around water.
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