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Input about website

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This is one of my websites that I put together in the hopes of helping people find their lost pets-

I would appreciate your thoughts on it- Anne designed it- she would appreciate your thoughts as well

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This is a really great site, Mary Anne and Anne! It is extremely informative and thorough. I like the way you not only give information on finding a lost kitty, but also how to prevent your kitty from being lost, what to do once your kitty returns, additional resources, and what great information you provide regarding different forms of identification.
Just a thought...The Google adds on the pages are about the same size and appearance as your different topics from which to choose. Would it be possible to make the print in your topics slightly larger maybe, or perhaps a different color even?
Great site and fantastic idea, it will help so many people with broken hearts desparately searching for their babies!
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It's brilliant!. Well done both of you!

I't gives so much knowledge!

I hope i never have to use it though
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Hey That's a great and very informative site. I'm sure it will help many pet owners in need.

If you want to include websites for lost and found postings, craigslist.org is a great resource. There is also a website for Western PA at www.telephonepole.org that allows people to post notices for lost and found pets, its got a great set up (I've used it a couple times when I found strays), it's local so its not that useful, but hey, maybe you could help them go national. :-)
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Congratulations on an outstanding site!! On behalf of lost pets everywhere, THANK YOU for the considerable time & effort spent building it!
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