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Hi All
I had 2 cats spayed today, they are not very happy tonight, I can't tell if the one is hissing at me then just keeping it's mouth open, because it's still goofy from the ordeal, or if it's panting a little, would that be panting be normal? I assume they are not feeling to great either I feel really really sorry for them both, I hate to see anything not feeling good, I am glad it's done though, it's 2 of the ones I rescued, I guess they will be hateing me again for awhile.
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I would call the vet just to be sure that it is an OK reaction. I can't say I have ever seen panting as a reaction to anesthesia. But they don't return to normal sometimes for 24-48 hours, so if the vet thinks that is what it is, it may go on for awhile more.
And they won't hate you by tomorrow. Assuming that all is well, they will be back to normal soon.
If you can't contact your vet tonight, at least keep the panting one confined to a small room and perhaps separate them if one seems more stressed.
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They sound either stressed, hot or having a reaction to the anesthesia. I would also call the vet. They won't hold anything against you- they just have to decompress
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I agree with what Hissy said, and I would also consider that they might be in pain. Did the vet give you pain meds for them to take at home? They should have them, at least for the first day or two. Imagine a human undergoing this type of surgery without pain meds.
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