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My face hurts

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No, not a skydiving accident. Nor a car accident.

It was an "on purpose."

I really love my dentist, and I really love my dental hygienest. Fine, "love" may be a bit, um, strong. But still. I finally have a dentist I'm not biting or hitting or crying in the chair.

I've got such sensitive teeth that I need to go in for a cleaning every 3 months. Not because I don't brush and floss - I do. But because the ol' choppers are so darned sensitive, I can't handle waiting for the normal 6 months - the pain is so great that I need a sedative and lots of novacaine just to get through a silly cleaning.

So....guess what today was? My cleaning.


My chin hurts. It's all pokely-prickly. And not from the novacaine either. From the actual cleaning. Well, how come my chin hurts? I knew you'd ask. Seems the novacaine didn't wear off as fast as I thought it had, and it was itchy. 'Course, it was itchy because the novacaine was wearing off...but I didn't realize that. So of course I scratched it on the 45 minute drive back to the office. And scratched it so hard (and apparently with a scraggly fingernail...) that there are scratch marks all over it. I couldn't feel it unless I was scratching hard, but didn't realize that at the time.

I mean, really. I have to host a 45 person seminar tomorrow, get everything handled and greet the attendees and introduce the seminar leader - all with a scratched up chin.

Everyone will be staring at my chin instead of the presentation. Everyone will assume it was either the cats or a skydiving accident. And good grief but my office mate laughed so hard when she found out. Just sat there and laughed! Bafooey on her. I know she's gonna be at the seminar, and she'll tell everyone what the truth is. (Aughhhhhhhhh! The shame!!!! LOLOL!)

I'm gonna go take my usual post dentist-vicodin and crawl into bed...maybe when I wake up I'll be fine.

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Yikes, so sorry to hear about your chin. Good luck with the presentation though, hope you do well with the scraggly chin!
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Make up a really good story. I like the sky diving one. Maybe your chute didn't open. Or maybe you rescued someone at great peril to yourself? Gotta be some story you can make up to match your chin. Becky
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Aww..noni.. so sorry to hear about your chin. I like the make up a story idea. How about saying that your cat thought you were a nice pillow? Or.. maybe you could break the ice with the truth.. I'm sure it will get a laugh instead of alot of funny looks.

HUGS. I hope the Vicodin makes you feel better.
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Oh sorry about your poor chin hope it is ok in time for your presentashion
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See what happens when you spend to much time around cats? You start to suffer from the same things they do like scratching themselves to hard!
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oh you poor thing! I really feel for you having to do that seminar trust something like that to happen just before a big day! Sod's Law.... similar to Newton's only a darnsite more inconvenient. At least you have a rough idea of when gravity will strike. If all else fails, you can buy chin putty and hide the scratches for the sake of a morning (any you have left can be added to your friends nose while she isn't looking) that'll sort her out!
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Well, the first glance in the mirror was, as usual, rather frightening, but made worse because of the scratched chin fiasco.

I briefly considered making up a story - something about rescuing a cat from a tree or the like; but I decided I've got far too much pressure on me today to remember it so it's the truth from me....I shall use the story in the ice breaking moment at the start of the seminar...nothing better than learning someone's human. I also don't wear lots of makeup, so no putty for me.

The vicodin helped; I got a good night's sleep, and am ready to go, no face pain today at all. I just can't believe I forgot I had novacaine and that's why it was itchy, and that's why I couldn't feel it when I scratched.

Thanks for the hugs and well wishes....

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Michele -

Try some neosporen (sp?). It always works with me and my children. For little abrasions like that it will look 50-70% better the next day. And with it being on your face, wear makeup and that should cover the little bit of evidence that's left!

Good luck!
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ohh i have 4 scratches on my face... simply because my cat pounced on my head while i was asleep and got me so badly that it looks like i been scratched with a knife!
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It went well - I got in front of the room, intro'd the main speaker, and bailed as fast as I could. LOL, a few awkward questions at the "reception" afterwards, but no real big deal.

And my chin has started to hurt again! Sigh....I hate my teeth. I've got margaritas waiting, so I shall be just fine!

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